CLIVE SMITH: Every music festival should have anonymous drug-testing tents

The whole debate about drugs '“ whether you think it's cool, boring or stupid '“ when you have young people dying in the circumstances that happened at Mutiny Festival then it's all irrelevant. Everyone agrees it's tragic.

Monday, 4th June 2018, 9:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th June 2018, 2:47 pm
Tributes left at the site of Mutiny Festial at King George V playing fields in Cosham Picture: Malcolm Wells

It’s obvious the ‘Just Say No – Don’t do Drugs’ mindset clearly doesn’t work and never will. It’s unrealistic to think it will.

Teenagers and young people will always experiment with such things. They always have.

Every festival should be required to have drug-testing facilities on site that are anonymous and free from interference from authorities. The UK is years behind the rest of the world in this sense.

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Drug-taking at festivals will carry on regardless of zero tolerance and increased security. Drugs get into prisons and through airports, I’d say security is pretty tight at both those places.

So in order to help save lives and educate, isn’t it worth having testing tents? Drugs will always find their way in. It will not stop, so surely it would make sense to make their usage safer?

There have been countless government studies into drug use in the UK. The results are never what the government wants to hear so the findings are swept under the carpet and those on the panel end up looking for new jobs. They would rather bury their heads in the sand.

The so-called ‘war on drugs’ isn’t working. In fact, it has probably made things worse. The government recently banned the import of certain cocaine adulterants in a bid to reduce its usage. It only increased the purity of the drug on the streets and therefore hospital admissions. So-called ‘legal highs’ were banned and there are ‘spice zombies’ all over town now.

Prohibition just doesn’t work. Look at alcohol. People were drinking home-made moonshine, paint stripper. Going blind. Dying. So it was legalised, regulated and quality-controlled so now you can buy a can of beer or a pint without worrying about it.

This is something I think the government needs to seriously consider for some illegal drugs.


The World Cup is just a couple of weeks away and already the players are getting ripped to shreds.

Raheem Sterling has been getting it from all directions after having a tattoo of an automatic rifle inked on his leg. Apparently, it’s a nod to his father who was shot dead when Sterling was two. Critics have been asking for him to be dropped from the team as it promotes gun violence!

Now, if you see a tattoo on someone and it encourages you to pick up a gun and run into a school and start killing people I have a feeling there is something wrong with you and not the tattoo.

David Beckham has a tattoo of an eagle on his hand – I don’t remember hearing about an increase in bird-watching.


American Televangelist Jesse Duplantis has asked his followers for 54 million dollars of donations so he can buy himself a fourth jet.

He said Jesus asked him to buy a new private jet and that if Jesus was alive today he wouldn’t be riding a donkey. You’re not Jesus though mate are you?

I can guarantee there’ll be some poor mugs who will fall for this. So much for helping the poor and needy eh?

Jesse’s uncle recently e-mailed me. Apparently we are long lost cousins and he has £12m waiting for me from an unclaimed inheritance. All I need to do to release the funds is send £8,000, my National Insurance number and passport details.

Shouldn’t be long now until the money is in my account...