CLIVE SMITH: It's pensioners who deserve '˜free' cash, not millennials

According to the Resolution Foundation '“ a 'prominent' Think Tank '“ every 25-year-old in the country should be given £10,000 to close the widening economic gap between generations. What rubbish. I think the Think Tank needs to think more.

Monday, 14th May 2018, 9:03 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:18 am
Why not give £10,000 to hard-pressed pensioners?

The most ridiculous idea of this whole thing is they want pensioners to pay more tax to fund it.

Imagine working all your life, scrimping and scraping through hard financial times and when you finally get to kick back and enjoy the fruits of all your hard work you’re asked to give some of it to 25-year-olds.

How about paying 65-year-olds the £10,000 so they can retire and then the younger people can have their jobs.

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I know ludicrous house prices are a real problem at the moment and I’m not so sure £10,000 in some parts of the country would even scratch the surface. Even if it did, does it mean if you’re 25 you’re in luck and can get a house, and if you’re 26 and above, you can’t? Great.

Younger generations have always had to put up with being less well off than the older generation.

Why are millennials any different? It’s just another hair-brained idea to help the snowflake generation who already think they are owed a living. Giving them free money isn’t going to help society in the long run. Will they need more money when things get hard when they are 40?

And wouldn’t it just encourage more scroungers coming to our country looking for handouts? And what about people who can’t be bothered to work? Why should they be entitled to this? Ludicrous.

Apparently, it took two years to come up with this load of rubbish!

Where do they find these morons who go on these Think Tanks? Seeing some of the contestants on the new series of Who Wants to be a Millionaire I’m guessing it’s the same level of stupidity. The general level of intelligence of society has really taken a tumble.

If someone had given me that money when I was 25 I’d have spent it on booze, parties, casinos and holidays... the rest, I’d have wasted!


‘A pint of lager, a packet of ready salted and 120 hours of community service please.’

With court buildings to be shut down in a bid to make savings of £1bn, minor cases could be moving to halls, hotels and even pubs.

I can just see the judge shouting ‘order, order’ when a group of lads are eight pints of Kronenbourg and two Jagerbombs into an all-dayer and Oasis have just come on the juke box. I’d want to see some of the local characters from the pub on the jury.

I reckon they should go a step further and move the cases to people’s kitchens at 4am on a Saturday. It’s where most of the world’s ills are solved anyway, so why not the odd lawsuit and stolen chocolate bar from the local Co-op?


I went up to the Army v Navy rugby at Twickenham the other weekend. It was the first game of rugby I had ever seen live.

I’m not into rugby but I have to say the atmosphere around the whole day was decent, people really get into it and it’ something I’d go to again.

I’ve been going to football all my life and as a season ticket holder at Fratton Park I can say there is a marked difference in the two, summed up by a conversation I overheard while in the toilet.

Two men were talking (in their finest Eton accents) about the ‘socio-dynamics of two groups of people on a night out who’d never met before’. Apparently it was a ‘jolly good laugh’.

I kissed my Stone Island badge and walked out.