CLIVE SMITH: People are dying, so to hell with political correctness

Not a day goes by at the moment without reports of more stabbings and death on the streets of London.

Monday, 16th April 2018, 9:00 pm
Police at the scene in Link Street, Hackney, east London after a man in his 20s died after being stabbed. Picture: Press Association

The problem is, no one seems to want to tackle the issue properly. I’ve seen police cuts blamed, rap music and even the knives themselves.

There’s too much pussyfooting around nowadays.

Unfortunately, the likes of Sadiq Khan, Diane Abbott and David Lammy are more concerned with someone getting upset than someone getting stabbed. I know what I find more offensive.

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Apparently Stop and Search hurts people’s feelings though. A little bit of stabbing here, a shooting there, that’s just fine, but under no circumstances must anyone get upset. That simply wouldn’t do, would it?

Before taking his post as Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: ‘I’d do everything in my power to cut stop and search.’ That worked out well didn’t it? Let’s make it easier to get about the city with deadly weapons. What could possibly go wrong? His job as mayor of our capital city becomes more untenable as the days go by.

And despite the body count going up Diane Abbott has said she wants Stop and Search removed completely. Wow! The fact she could be home secretary one day is frightening. If you haven’t got anything to hide, then what’s the problem?

I’m not sure of the stats, but to me it seems that stabbings are becoming more common in Portsmouth too. This will no doubt be linked to the increase of gangs from London coming to the city running ‘county lines’ drug operations.

To sort the problem out people need not be scared to talk about the elephant in the room. There’s an obvious problem with black gangs. But those in authority, with the power to actually do something about it, are too afraid to be called racist to deal with it.

Police need to increase Stop and Search and use racial profiling to do it. People are dying, to hell with political correctness.

During the height of the Troubles in Northern Ireland profiling was used to identify potential terrorists.

I don’t see the problem. If middle-aged white men were the ones going about stabbing I wouldn’t have a problem being searched.


I used to love a game of Mario Kart back in the day but just lately I’ve been living it for real.

Instead of swerving to avoid banana skins and oil slicks I’m now dodging potholes. I don’t remember it being so bad.

Going through Widley by the shops is like a ski slalom and if you’re unlucky enough to find yourself hitting one on Portsdown Hill there’s a good chance you and your car may disappear into the hole forever.

And I’m not sure what to call the ones on the A27 between Chichester and Portsmouth – giant bits of missing road surface I suppose.

It’s probably safer driving along some Third World dirt track than negotiating all these holes everywhere.


It was the Easter holidays and I was in Maccy Ds with the kids where Ronald was running a Monopoly promotion – you get free food, money, iPads, for finding the correct stickers.

I peeled off a Park Lane sticker and said to the girls: ‘If we find the Mayfair one now we’ll win £100,000.’

I thought there might be some excitement, but one of my daughters replied: ‘Is there a food option?’

What! We don’t need a hundred grand so let’s have a double cheeseburger and Egg McMuffin instead!

The following day I asked what they fancied doing for the day – ice skating, swimming, cinema... they chose the Toby Carvery. Anyone would think they don’t get fed at home.