CLIVE SMITH: What on earth does gay pride have to do with the National Trust?

So the National Trust tried making its volunteer workers wear a gay pride badge or be banished from public view!

Monday, 14th August 2017, 9:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:08 pm
Gay pride brighton 2013 Wikimedia

It was complexly wrong of them to do this. Yet again it was a case of forcing your beliefs on to someone else.

I thought we were supposed to be a free society? So much for that.

I couldn’t care less if you’re gay, straight or want to make love to a violin, just get on with your life without interfering with others.

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Some people are homophobic, others aren’t bothered at all, some fall somewhere in the middle, but making anyone wear something they are not happy wearing is just as bad as being prejudiced.

What the hell has gay pride got to do with the National Trust anyway? It has no business promoting such issues. I can’t see how wearing a rainbow badge ‘preserves the cultural heritage of a particular geographical region’.

To take a stance on such divisive social issues will only cause alienation in another section of society.

The argument that employers have the right to ask their employees to wear a certain uniform is not the point.

Forcing someone to wear something supporting an ideology is completely different to asking someone to wear an item of clothing.

How would a Labour supporter feel about being made to wear a UKIP badge to work?

I don’t see why we should single out one group in which to show pride anyway. It achieves the opposite of what is sets out to do making those involved look different to the rest of society.

I don’t believe prejudice against homosexuality is as much an issue as it once was. It’s more or less accepted by most people nowadays.

For me the biggest controversy now is forcing it on others – just look at some of the gay pride marchers.

How has walking through a city centre dressed in bondage gear got anything to do with showing pride in being gay? Quite frankly it is unpleasant for children and passers-by.

If I were gay I’d imagine being quite embarrassed by some of the outfits worn. It’s like it’s become a parody of itself.


Only a couple of weeks after it was revealed there were traces of faeces found in the drinks served in some of the more well-known coffee shops, it has now been revealed that drinking three cups of coffee a day can help you live longer.

Some people might think the publication of this study is something of a coincidence considering all the bad publicity..

However, if it is true, some people seem to consume so much of the stuff there are actually 175-year-old immortals strolling about the office in the bodies of middle-aged men.

It does leave people with a conflict though.

Do you drink plenty of coffee and hope to extend your life by several decades?

Or do you drink plenty of coffee and... die of dysentery?


Those who once graced the hallowed pitches used by Portsmouth Sunday league footballers will have witnessed incidents more suited to a Friday night in Guildhall Walk. Driving by King George V playing fields at Cosham probably makes you miss those times. All is not lost though.

To get your fill of sporting violence get down to your local bowls club where it’s all been kicking off.

A cup final between Southsea Waverley Bowling Club and Boscombe Cliffs was recently abandoned after a Southsea player was head-butted in a disagreement about etiquette. There were walking sticks and false teeth all over the place apparently.

And there was me laughing when my dad packs his gumshield before heading off to his local club.