Coconut fairy cakes with poached cherries by Lawrence Murphy

Coconut fairy cakes with poached cherries.
Coconut fairy cakes with poached cherries.
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When I go food shopping I rely on what the produce looks like before buying it. If the fish looks good then that’s for dinner.

If you buy fruit and vegetables in season, you get great produce at a good price and you can work out your recipes seasonally.

That’s the ethos at Fat Olives.

My dad loved cherries – and so do I. At the moment the greengocers are full of them, all bursting with flavour and colour. 

So go out and snap them up! 

Ingredients – makes 12 

200g butter

200g caster sugar

3 eggs

70g desiccated coconut

200g self-raising flour

For the cherries

225g stoned fresh cherries

60g sugar

Tbsp water

Tspn glucose


1. Beat the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. 

2. Beat in 1 egg and 75g of flour until smooth, then another egg and another 75g flour.

3. Add the remaining egg, flour and coconut.

4. Spoon the mixture into fairy cake cases and cook in a pre-heated oven 175C gas 4 for 12 to 15 mins until golden brown and cooked through.

5. Allow to cool while you cook the cherries by putting the cherries,  water, glucose and sugar into a saucepan and heating on a low heat. Stir to start with and then leave for 10 mins to cook.

6. Whip a little cream to top your fairy cakes and add the cherries.