Harry will rue the day he ‘penned’ this book | Cheryl Gibbs

I’ve been Prince Harry’s biggest fan. I’ve made several royal documentaries including one entirely on Harry and he’s by far the most charismatic and down-to-earth royal.

Saturday, 24th July 2021, 5:07 pm
Prince Harry might come to regret his autobiography.

But I’m disappointed that after telling Oprah Winfrey all he ever wanted was privacy, he’s now releasing a ‘tell all’ memoir about his life. How is that getting privacy and keeping out of the public eye?

Fingers have been pointed at his wife Meghan as an excuse for Harry’s behaviour, exit from the royal family and life in the UK, but I think that’s making her an easy scapegoat.

He’s his own man and he makes his own choices. This is a big mistake and one he’ll undoubtedly come to regret.

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Two weeks of isolation; it’s been incredibly hard work

We finally came out of our self-isolation yesterday (Thursday) and I cannot tell you how much we were looking forward to our own version of freedom day.

Having all tested negative for a few days prior to coming out, it was such a relief to be able to step outside of the confines of our home and for Harley to see her extended family again.

For, let’s be honest, it’s been really tricky to entertain her.

The weather helped for sure because we’ve been able to go out in the garden and play with her sandcastle and paddling pool.

But after two days of doing the same thing with her over and over, for hours on end, she started huffing and puffing.

There’s only so much imagination I have for doing creative things with squirty cream and various food colourings on her Tuff Tray to make a kind of colourful play zone, or taking out various kitchen utensils and using them for water play.

It really hasn’t helped that she has been waking really early too – between 4am and 5.30am every day.

The days have been so long and as much as we absolutely love our bungalow it’s not very big.

So entertaining her in one space, on one floor has been difficult.

We’ve had doorstep food deliveries and toys dropped off to help entertain her, and mini-milk ice cream deliveries as a treat for Harley.

All of that has helped so much and we’re beyond grateful for the support.

But it has been tough and we’ve all felt rather ropey at some point; just as one of us felt better, the other felt bad so we’ve had to tag team with Harley to get through those long days.

But thankfully that’s all we had and I’m so grateful that we’ve not suffered more – especially Matt and Harley.

Matt has a very weak immune system because of his arthritis and the medication he is on.

And Harley obviously has not been jabbed, so my concern was for both of them.

But as I say, we’re all fine now and looking forward to life beyond these four walls!

One rule for the prime minister, another for the rest of us

I was shocked that Boris Johnson was going to shun his self-isolation – after being pinged on the NHS Track and Trace app – in favour of testing himself every day as part of a ‘new trial’.

As someone who was in her own isolation at the time this was revealed, I was outraged. Surely he has to lead by example?

Admittedly he did a quick U-turn and a video announcement saying he was going to stay home as we’re all in it together,. But that wasn’t his original plan was it?

The way we deal with Covid should apply to everyone – not just those in power so I was glad he did his U-turn. It wouldn’t have gone down very well at all if he hadn’t.

A message from the editor, Mark Waldron.

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