Ted Lasso is the TV version of the comfort blanket | Matt Mohan-Hickson

In the world of Ted Lasso, the nice guy does in fact finish first.The Apple + TV series is a show that screams niceness, from the titular character all the way to the warm glow the episodes seem to have.

By Matt Mohan-Hickson
Monday, 26th July 2021, 5:00 pm
Ted Lasso is starting its second season on Apple+ TV, July 2021
Ted Lasso is starting its second season on Apple+ TV, July 2021

On paper it just sounds like a recipe for disaster.

It is based on an old TV advert for the US channel NBC in which Jason Sudeikis played an American football coach who arrived in the UK to take over a Premier League team.

Sure in a short couple of minutes burst, the jokes about coach Lasso not realising that you can draw in football worked. But could they really sustain that over a 10 episode show?

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Plus there has never really been a truly great football TV show, at least not one I have stumbled across.

So it is safe to say that the deck was stacked against Ted Lasso actually working as a series.

In fact it took me until the show had aired about four or five episodes last summer before I finally listened to the hype and gave it a try.

And despite expecting to find myself cringing through the show, instead I found one of the warmest and cosiest programmes I had watched in a long time.

Each instalment felt like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket on a rainy day, while sipping a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows.

It is a show with a kind streak running right through the middle, it sees the best in humans and the titular Ted Lasso tries his best to bring that out in all of the other characters.

Like all the best workplace shows, it is not really ‘about’ football - so if you are not a huge fan of the sport, you don’t have to worry about needing knowledge of xG.

Instead it will leave you with a smile on your face - and given the time we have all had over the last 18 months or so, what more could you ask for from a sitcom.

It is just a funny and extremely human show about people who happen to be footballers or work at a football club.

If you have yet to try it, now is the perfect time as the second season is airing.

Where are the journalism sitcoms?

The thing about watching workplace sitcoms like Ted Lasso is that you start wondering what one set in your place of work would be like.

We have had comedies in a paper company (The Office), a video company (Mythic Quest), Downing Street (Yes, Prime Minister), the police (Brooklyn 99) and even a local council (Parks and Recreation).

But as far as I am aware there has never been one set in a newspaper’s newsroom.

I am probably biased, but it feels like a newspaper would be ripe for mining laughs and jokes from.

Sure journalism isn’t exactly the most popular industry out there – although we can all enjoy a mishap or slapstick moment, no matter what industry it is set in.

It would be nice to just see a local newspaper – because that is where you would have to set it obviously – shown in a fun light for a change.

It was good to have sunshine back

It finally began to feel like summer over the last couple of weeks – until this weekend.

The sun was shining, the temperatures rose and I have had to hide away in the shade like a vampire to avoid combusting in the heat.

And oh boy it felt so good.

For a while it felt like summer was never going to return, with week after week of grey skies and rainy days.

But while it was back, it was just so good for the soul. Sunshine always makes my mood improve, I am sure there is a proven psychological reason for this.

Hopefully it will return and keep going through the rest of July and into August.

After the bleakness that was the start of 2021, it felt so good to enjoy some lovely weather.

To take a walk along the seafront in glorious sunshine.

To be able to sit outside and enjoy a drink or a meal. It just makes life feel so much brighter, to state the obvious.