'The video is really funny and I highly recommend a watch': Cheryl Gibbs

I love it when I find out about local people doing amazing things for others - at the end of last week I stumbled across a video on Facebook that got my attention.
The staff at Pete's Airlink are clearly eager to break freeThe staff at Pete's Airlink are clearly eager to break free
The staff at Pete's Airlink are clearly eager to break free

It was a bunch of men dressed in, well dresses…and skirts, with one of them wearing fishnet tights, a moustache and throwing a Hoover around like he had done it before.

So naturally I clicked on the video and discovered it was actually some of the guys from Pete’s Airlink raising money for Red Nose Day by recreating the Queen I Want To Break Free music video.

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And they did all of this, not in the comfort of one of their homes, but in the mechanics’ garage at the yard where there are over 120 buses and coaches coming in and out of the depot all day – now that takes guts!

Being the nosey parker I am, I arranged to go up and find out a bit more and was pleasantly surprised that for my visit they reenacted the whole thing – stilettos and all!

The man behind it is Paul Warrington, Director of Pete's Airlink who's been with them since 1985. He roped in his son Reece (who's the firm's Private Hire Manager) as well as Phil, Terry, Ricardo and Greg – all drivers from Pete's Airlink.

The video is brilliant and has garnered a few thousand hits already. It’s still on their Facebook page (as is their Go Fund Me page) so I highly recommend you go and check it out – they’ve raised over £300 from the video – but the more I poked into their story, the more I found out.

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I discovered that these guys give around £15,000 a year to charity, so I asked Paul why they give so much and he looked at me, quite sadly and said: “Our drivers get so much flak on the road, we wanted to show that we’re just people like everyone else and we genuinely care about the community we’re part of.

"We’re not perfect, some of our drivers make mistakes, but we’re all human. The good we do by far outweighs the bad. I hope the video helps people see that we’re people too.”

Paul explained that they give money, time and assistance to various charitable organizations across the county including £500 a month to the Family Church in Leigh Park, sponsoring the Denmead Football Club under-11s as well as doing free bus trips for various local school trips and giving to food banks across the region.

The video is really funny and I highly recommend a watch.

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