We know how to protect ourselves, so get jabbed! | Rick Jackson

Our work Christmas party was cancelled early in December, it should have been last Friday. I understand why.

Thursday, 23rd December 2021, 11:47 am
Updated Thursday, 23rd December 2021, 11:47 am
COVERING: If you think today's masks are limiting what about this? A plague mask in The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret, London. Picture: Shutterstock

We’ve also decided as a family to keep a low profile up until Christmas for fear of having to self-isolate, thus having another Christmas without seeing any family.

We as a family are making our own decisions on what to do and what not to do, what is necessary and what isn’t.

I need to go to work, the kids needed to go to school. I didn’t need to go to a Christmas party and I don’t need to go to the pub.

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I do need to see my family over Christmas and I do need to meet up with close friends.

I hear of stronger restrictions in Scotland and Wales. I get the feeling their leaders are playing politics too much.

The only defence we have against coronavirus is the vaccine.

I have had three doses now. I’ve followed the advice.

What I don’t want is to be told I can’t leave my house or go to the pub or football or shopping.

Where will this end? We take the vaccine yet I’m still having my life restricted.

We have to learn to live with this.

To those anti-vaxxers: I understand that wanting the freedom to decide whether to take the vaccine is your choice, but why wouldn’t you?

Stop reading stuff on Facebook and watching stuff on YouTube. Not every government in the world is working together under some kind of conspiracy.

Like polio, measles, the plague – this is not the 1800s. We have the scientific power to defend ourselves. Why wouldn’t you want to do that for yourself, your families or your most important freedoms?

The unvaccinated are filling up our hospitals so governments restrict us all, limiting not just the unvaxxed’s freedoms, but all freedoms for all of us.

In my opinion there should be no restrictions at all. Personal choice needs to prevail.

Support the vulnerable and protect those at risk because that’s where our freedoms need to lie, not whether we take the jab or not, but how we live our lives after we have done.

I’m going to need a holiday to get over this festive break

I am so looking forward to my Christmas break. I’ve not had any time off since August and quite frankly, I’m knackered!

Then again, we have the in-laws over on Christmas Day and I’ll be cooking.

Then all of Sarah’s family come over on Boxing Day, then we are off to the Isle of Wight to see my folks.

On the 28th it’s our niece’s birthday so there’s another family do.

On the 29th we are on the Watercress Line and then I’m back to work.

Hang on, I’m going to need to take a holiday to get over this one.

For me though it’s not important. Seeing family and friends is. At least I don’t need to be up at 4.30am for 10 days!

There are some days when I really wish I lived alone again

A merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you have a wonderful time.

A special mention to those on their own and those caring or being cared for, you are not forgotten.

Christmas joy can be found in many ways no matter what you are doing on the big day. Memories of Christmases past and of those no longer with us. Treating yourself to something special and enjoying the feast of TV entertainment.

When I lived on my own, I’d decorate the tree and make the house look festive and treat myself.

Think of this, by 3pm with the mayhem in my house these days, I’ll be wanting to swap places for some peace and quiet!

A message from the editor, Mark Waldron.

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