What we need now is unity, not civil war in the Tory party | Rick Jackson

You might want to pelt me with rotten fruit but I do not give a monkey’s about party-gate, or the fact Tory MPs sprang a confidence vote without an alternative choice showing they are more bothered about their seats than us.

By Rick Jackson
Wednesday, 8th June 2022, 7:19 pm

What were they trying to achieve? Destabilise the country further at this time of economic crisis?

And if they won, then what?

Those 148 Conservative MPs wanted Boris out. If they succeeded, then we would have had months of jostling from wannabe leaders and several rounds of voting.

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A one-man under-fives football team... Picture: Getty

In the meantime, the cost of living continues to rocket, fuel prices go through the roof, inflation increases and Russia continues its barbaric war against Ukraine.

This is not the time for in-party fighting.

We’ve got through a pandemic, things still need sorting with Brexit and we need a strong international figure to stand up to Putin.

Don’t get me wrong, the drinking culture at No10 is wrong, but did anyone put up a disco ball, switch on the smoke machine and start chasing the lasers or start doing the YMCA?

I shudder to think of the alternatives.

Do rebel Tory MPs really think Jeremy Hunt, Penny Mordaunt or Michael Gove have a better chance of winning the next election than Boris Johnson?

We need a cavalier leader to get us through these tough times, maybe the toughest since the economic crisis of the 1970s. Brave decisions need to be made and made now.

Families need tax relief to help pay the bills. Help is needed now if we are to not see people freeze in their homes when winter returns.

To the 148 Tory MPs who tried to destabilise the country: Do the job. Help those who need it. Work hard keeping those election promises.

Yes your leader is a buffoon who is harder to organise than an under-fives football team and has the integrity of an alley cat, but it’s all we’ve got at the moment.

The nation will decide in 2024 whether it’s Mr Hindsight or Mr U-turn.

So in the meantime, focus on the challenges ahead, please.


There were many highlights for me of the fabulous Platinum Jubilee celebrations last weekend.

It made me so proud to be British and the four days of events in the capital and around the country further cemented my admiration for our Queen.

From Prince Louis’ behaviour to the woman who kept falling asleep behind Prince Charles, it was an amazing spectacle.

But what made it for me was her majesty entertaining Paddington Bear. Oh, what a delight!

How composed she was when the bear started drinking from the teapot and squashed a chocolate éclair!

How her face lit up when she revealed she kept a marmalade sandwich in her handbag – ‘for later’.

My heart melted after Paddington’s grateful thanks and her reply of: ‘How kind’.

But here is a tip for Her Majesty. After the evidence of that first movie, please don’t let Paddington use your loo!


While many thousands of people were enjoying Platinum Jubilee street parties, we were exploring a former queen’s house – Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.

This beautiful retreat was designed by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria so she could escape claustrophobic London and was completed in 1851.

After Albert’s death, grieving Victoria spent most of her time there.

And she would often travel to the island using her special train.

This took her to Clarence Yard at Gosport and on to her royal yacht, which took her across the Solent to the island.

And you can still see traces of the train tracks near St George’s Barracks in Gosport.

Her son and heir, King Edward VII, never liked Osborne, so he decided to give it to the nation in 1901.

This makes it the only royal residence in British history to have been used by only one monarch.

A fascinating visit.