Working from home? Is Big Brother watching you? | Rick Jackson

One saving grace for me during the three lockdowns has been going to work. I would have gone stir crazy if not.With such worrying times for everyone, we decided as a radio station to keep things as ‘normal’ as possible with regard to our output.

Wednesday, 27th January 2021, 6:25 pm
A sinister, Big Brother side to lockdown has emerged. Picture: Shutterstock

Having a laugh on the radio with listeners is more vital than ever now and if I had to present the show from home, live callers would not have been possible.

With two others on the show, one now in her loft in Bournemouth and the other in Whiteley, the amount of technology needed would be vast.

Coupled with two young children who certainly would not have allowed me the necessary peace and quiet needed, I’m glad to be able to ‘escape’!

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This week I asked my dear listeners what life was like working from home, especially if their children were at home too. Some stories were brilliant, from drained WiFi with so many on their devices, to sticking ‘Teams’ or ‘Zoom’ calls with faces stuck in rather unfortunate positions!

Dogs jumping on laps switching off calls and spilling tea, children making lots of noise during calls and partners appearing naked in the background. Priceless.

Unfortunately, there were some worrying stories too, where it seems some bosses do not trust their staff to work from home.

Monitoring closely computer usage, making sure they are working when they are supposed to and making face-to-face calls five minutes before finish time, just to make sure they are there.

One called to say they had to ask to use the toilet and another with a company phone had their movements monitored through the Find my Phone app.

This caller was asked why they were away from their house for one hour and five minutes one lunchtime.

Many working from home do not receive extra money to pay for the electricity or heating they are using.

Many are facing much increased anxiety working from home, with extra professional and personal pressures.

At the end of the day, we are only human.

Big Brother watching does not help.

My birthday isn’t really for me, and I’m okay with that

I’ve started dropping hints for my birthday in a couple of weeks. Oh how my life has changed.

So far I have thick socks for my wellies, male moisturiser from Liz Earle and some more pants!

Life isn’t about me anymore, it’s about our children so I’m not bothered really. In fact I’m more excited about their excitement for my birthday and the cards they make me. I used to be bothered though. We used to spend a small fortune on each other – watches, SLR cameras, jewellery, even a cruise one year!

Nope, 2021 will be more about replacing things I’ve worn out. Soon Sarah will be able to buy me another cruise, but it will be with Saga rather than Celebrity!

Why, oh why are Y-fronts so comfy but so impractical?

Y-front pants are making a comeback! Maybe you didn’t think they ‘went out’ in the first place?

For years I’ve worn boxer shorts, but when I started running and going to the gym, I decided to get some Y-fronts.

I have to say, I much prefer them, they offer so much more ‘support’ and they don’t ruck up about your upper thigh! I’m puzzled by them though.

Have you ever used them for their intended purpose? The flap at the front is to allow for ‘easy’ access when you need to relieve yourself.

I cannot say in all my time as a child or adult, I have ever used this method.

Especially when you are desperate to go. What a faff they would be.…

‘I know you are in there somewhere, come out, come out wherever you are!’

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