Could I BE any more excited about the Friends reunion? | Cheryl Gibbs

It’s almost impossible to have a favourite character in Friends.

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 4:07 pm
Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer reunited for a one-off special. Picture: Terence Patrick/HBO Max/PA Wire

It’s probably this reason that explains why the show is still one of the most iconic TV series of all time.

The first episode aired in 1994. As I write, one of the channels is playing a repeat of an episode which is truly remarkable given how times have moved on so much since then.

The Friends cast reunited this week for a special one-off episode where they revisited the set and talked about what it was like to work together on such an iconic show.

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It’s not yet aired here in the UK but I can not wait to binge watch that on either Sky or Now TV.

It’s also hosted by our very own James Corden.

Bognor's Butlins is no hot holiday but I am excited​​​​​​​

The last time I went abroad was when I was directing a TV series called ‘The World’s Most Incredible Hotels’ and the last hotel I had the pleasure of staying in was the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

The last holiday I went on was when I was pregnant with Harley was when Matt and I went away with my mum to Italy.

We stayed in a cliff top boutique hotel overlooking the valley – truly beautiful.

My next holiday is in a couple of weeks time and we’re off to…Bognor.

Sure, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it but it’s Bognor Regis after all.

We’ve booked a four-night stay at Butlins with my sister, her husband and their two children and I honestly have never been so excited.

I truly am looking forward to spending time somewhere that I’ve visited many times during my childhood and which would have been classed as my worst nightmare, pre-Harley.

You really only go to Butlins for three reasons – for a family break; stag or hen weekend; or just a weekend drinking with your pals.

I haven’t been back to Butlins for years and years – at least fifteen or so.

I did chuckle when we booked it because there was an option to upgrade to a sea view room for about £75 which, by sea-view standards, is pretty cheap.

But let’s put this into perspective, it’s not a Caribbean sea view so we opted out.

It made me laugh at how much times have changed since becoming parents.

If my sister had invited me along to Butlins before we had Harley I’d have politely declined.

When she invited us this time, I practically bit her hand off with excitement.

We’re going in mid-June so I’m hoping that some of the services that have previously been denied because of Covid will be back on, such as the soft play areas and the swimming pool.

I’ve loved the travelling I’ve done.

Other than Harley, it’s what I’m most proud of.

But now it’s time for our next adventure – booking holidays that will create family memories to last a lifetime.

I’ve never been more excited about making them with our daughter.

Kate and Wills are great with the public but they are royals after all

The royal family have done a lot in the past decade to reinvent themselves as modern, in-touch and accessible.

While Prince Harry has always been credited with being the ‘normal’ one (and I use this term loosely), future king, Prince William has also helped reshape the public’s perception.

This week, William and wife Kate enjoyed a takeaway fish supper at their favourite chippy, where they were regulars when at St Andrews University 20 years ago.

The pair chatted with staff before sitting on a nearby bench to eat their dinner – all very ‘normal’ right? They then boarded their private helicopter to take them back to Edinburgh. They are still royals after all!