Croatia and New York, here we come! - Cheryl Gibbs

I have a reputation for being assertive, very opinionated, and someone who definitely knows her own mind. And I agree, it is very often true, but for some reason lately I’ve lost my mojo and I can’t seem to make a decision for love nor money…

Cheryl will be heading to Croatia on her first holiday with Matt this year
Cheryl will be heading to Croatia on her first holiday with Matt this year

Chinese or Indian? Should we go on holiday or not? Should we buy another house or stay where we are? Though don’t even get me started on that, it is a whole other story.

The list is endless.

However, as you know, travelling is kind of our thing and it’s usually the one thing that I will always justify as being fine to do no matter what.

But Matt and I have not actually been on holiday together since last August when we went on a family holiday to Bulgaria for my uncle’s birthday.

Admittedly I’ve been away a fair bit since then with work, but Matt hasn’t, so this week we made the decision to book a holiday.

It wasn’t an easy task though given that we have chosen to go away during the busiest month of the year, when the school holidays are about to break up and prices have sky-rocketed.

We were honestly looking at holidays to Spain, Greece or Portugal for £3,000 for two weeks which is ludicrous.

So instead we have booked a week’s holiday leaving next Friday and we’re off to Croatia – a new pin in our map as we’ve not been there before.

Because we had money left over in our holiday pot we also, completely on a whim, booked flights to New York at Christmas.

This will be our sixth time in the Big Apple so definitely no new pins, but I don’t really know what came over us as we’ve been so indecisive lately.

We ended up booking both trips at 11pm on Tuesday evening.

I filled out all the details on the holiday booking system but still couldn’t bring myself to actually book it.

Instead I chickened out and let Matt do it and then spent the rest of the week panicking over whether we’ve made the right decision or not.

But it is done now.

Our holidays are booked and I cannot wait.

Out of the mouths of babes you very often hear the truth

I probably need to find more fun things to do when the weather is bad.

On Sunday I took my niece, Hollie, to the Odeon in Port Solent. I had planned to take her to the Witterings but the weather wasn’t great so I thought we could see Toy Story 4.

I have never ever seen the cinema so busy – the queue for an ice cream was out the door, but I promised her one and I’m a woman of my word.

It’s the third time I’ve taken her to the cinema lately. We’ve also seen The Secret Life of Pets 2 and Aladdin.

Hollie turned to me and said: ‘Auntie Chezzy, I thought a trip to the cinema would be on the cards today when I saw the weather’.

I clearly need to be more imaginative next time.

If you haven’t seen Stranger Things you must give it a go

I need to rave about two amazing series that are on at the moment.

Big Little Lies stars an endless list of the best in the business – Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep.

And then there’s the new season of Stranger Things. It takes all the nostalgia and charm of the best eighties movies and mashes them together in a gripping, highly visual mini series with a great storyline.

It is up there with Game of Thrones.

It’s such a brilliantly done series, just like Game of Thrones, that it deserves to be written about in the same sentence.

I’d recommend giving it a go – and Big Little lies if you haven’t done so already.