Discipline key to keeping focus on God

We all live busy lives. We rush around, going from one task to another, seeing people, doing things.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 28th January 2016, 6:25 am
TIME OUT Canon John Draper is keen for people to make time
TIME OUT Canon John Draper is keen for people to make time

Sometimes, my day is full of meetings which I have with people, either in groups, or one-to-one.

Sometimes, I live out the cliché of ‘chasing my own tail.’

We can decide what we do in our lives, although sometimes we are simply responding to things that happen in our lives; events and crises.

Our priorities are very important and will take into account such things as our times of work, our family commitments, our homemaking duties.

I know that I have to set aside enough time in the day to deal with parish affairs, family matters, friends and then a bit of leisure time.

Because I know how busy I can become, I have to really discipline myself in order to spend the correct focus upon God.

I know that, if I did not discipline myself, I could quite easily forget to do what I am called by God to do: which is, to pray and to help others.

Fortunately, I do not live far from my place of work, the church; in fact, it is only across a car park and I am there!

The church where I am based is often described as 
an ‘oasis’ of peace and calm; it is old, and one can feel the power of the prayer that has been soaked up by its walls through the centuries.

Whether in the church, or in my home, I am confident that I am surrounded by the angels and saints who support my life of prayer.

I am conscious of the 
ever-increasing need to set aside time to be with God; not just to speak to God, but to listen as well – what is God saying to me?

I know that if I neglect God for one moment, God is always watching over, waiting for the next communication from me!

It is so important that we give God a chance in our day and stop what we are doing and think about what we do and say and how we act.

Why don’t you try it?

In addition to morning and evening prayer and mass, the church is open every day from dawn till dusk and all are welcome to come in and sit quietly and pray or light a candle.

St Mary the Virgin Church, Rowner Lane, Gosport, PO13 9SU.

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