Don't let your mobile rule your life

Mobile devices are obviously highly valued in our day-to-day lives.

With many of us using them for socialising and work, it is almost challenging to keep away from them.

So, are we using them too much?

Ten years ago mobile phones existed but had their limitations.

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Several years before that there was no such thing called a mobile.

Today we are swamped with different varieties of mobile phones which include numerous features for us to use.

In today’s frenetic world the mobile phone isn’t just a convenience but an essential.

Without one many of us couldn’t do a fraction of what we do today.

For me my mobile phone has everything I need.

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Social media, a camera, a voice recorder, a phone, e-mails and my diary. I often wonder how I would operate without my mobile.

An element of this is saddening.

The fact I rely on a piece of technology so much makes me wonder where they will take us in the next few years.

Walking along the streets of Portsmouth, everywhere I look I see someone using a mobile device.

With earphones in ears, a group in the distance taking a selfie and those having a chat with a mate, they are everywhere.

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Mobile phones appear to play a major part in making us who we are.

I remember when I was at school, I was always amused by the ongoing debate of who had the better phone.

The craze of the Blackberry seems such a long time ago.

Now it appears to be all about Apple or Android.

A frustrating thing I find with mobile devices is how they limit the communication you have with others around you.

I have met several people who seem to find it impossible to take their eyes away from the screen.

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Depriving themselves from being a part of what is happening around them, they concentrate more on things they could be doing when alone.

I appreciate we all use our mobile devices for myriad reasons, but I think we should never allow them to dominate our lives.

Are we using mobiles too much? Within reason, yes I think so

Let’s not get so caught up with the world that we neglect those closest to us with whom we should be spending time.

Rule your mobile. Don’t allow it to rule you.