Family viewing is not dead

Apparently families no longer sit and watch television together? In the modern world full of technology, it seems our children are sitting in their bedrooms with a mobile phone or tablet computer inches from their eyes while mum and dad are in the living room watching EastEnders.

Well, not in my house.

My daughter Caitlin has recently made the move from children’s TV to more grown-up programmes. Don’t get me wrong, she still enjoys those channels with really bright colours and enthusiastic presenters, but she now likes to sit down with me and her mum and watch some of the programmes we enjoy.

One which brings us together is the assault course programme Ninja Warrior UK. It reminds me of watching Gladiators on a Saturday night back in the nineties. Then there’s The Great British Bake Off spin-off for Sport Relief.

It is great to sit as a family and watch these shows and it is also great that in a world of multiple TV screens, shows are still being made for the whole family.

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