Famous sexual predators are still walking around scot-free – Zella Compton

I couldn’t bring myself to watch Leaving Neverland. But I did read some people’s opinions on the guilt or innocence of Michael Jackson, whether they’d watched the show or not.

Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 4:10 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 5:15 pm
Zella can't bring herself to watch Finding Neverland. Picture: Yui Mok/PA Wire

We’re taking a lot of time to think about a dead man’s crimes when there are so many people who have been accused of sexual crimes who are still alive and appear to be getting off scot-free.

The American president is a case in point – there are a high number of women who’ve accused him of sexual misconduct yet here he is in the ultimate seat of power, untried.

Perhaps we should be following up on that, instead of waiting until he dies and wringing our hands about how nothing was done.

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Rude old man spoiled everyone’s enjoyment when he moaned about happy baby 

I was in a café in Gunwharf this week having a very pleasant lunch with friends.

It was rudely interrupted by the sounds of a very young child and a very much older man.

The child was obviously very happy to be alive and testing its vocal cords as its parents ate.  Not crying, just expressing joy.

But that wasn’t actually the rude bit. The rude bit was the older chap at the next table who called the parents out and told them to stop their baby being so noisy. I kid you not.

I’m still in shock that the chap could do that, could be so insufferably rude and impatient.

Seemingly he was trying to have a nice lunch with his wife, and it was being ruined by the noise.

Never mind the ruinous situation he made of every other person’s lunch in there, whose mouths fell open (not a pretty sight) at his unutterably poor behaviour. It’s hard isn’t it – living in a world with other people. Especially for some. Like him.

I get that if someone starts singing drunken songs as a team in the middle of the day that behaviour might class as anti-social.

Or if someone had their phone on really loudly playing a game with a repetitive and annoying synthetic soundtrack. But a child? Expressing joy at the world?

I am mortally embarrassed that I didn’t stand up, didn’t say something in support of the family.

It was such a surprise that my brain couldn’t quite keep up with what was happening, the shock and upset of the family, and the smugly satisfied faces of the perpetrators whose bad behaviour led to the family leaving.

In the rain, their meals on the table they’d vacated.

We all make choices about where we will eat. We all hope for a meal which is tasty, and company that is witty. And we all hope that the rest of the diners will be vaguely human, vaguely forgiving, vaguely – I suppose – decent.  It’s a gamble.

And last week, all the other people in that restaurant except for that older man – note, not gentlemen – lost.

Forget patronising slogans, give me something that fits

Emblazoned across my latest sports top are the words ‘stronger than yesterday’ ... in silver.

I bought this two-piece as the sleeveless under-shirt is long and won’t ride up. That’s important for those with less than taut tummies.

The top shirt – with the important sleeves – has the words. Do men have this type of ‘feel good’ wording? Yuk. 

I know the current zeitgeist is all about women doing exercise, but why is it so hard to find clothes which work, without the patronising messages or, indeed, without pink and purple, or mesh?

I could look further afield, but sometimes needs must and you buy what’s there.

Next time I’ll not only search for fit, I’ll search for some equality.