George's death feels like losing a distant relative

How was your Christmas Day then? Was it amazing? I do hope so.

Friday, 30th December 2016, 6:04 am
George Michael

What sad news we ended the festive break on though, hey? I honestly can’t believe another music ‘great’ has passed away.

George Michael was a music legend, just like Prince who we also lost this year.

George was just 53 – so young. We first heard the sad news on Boxing Day morning and I admit it really felt a bit like losing a distant relative.

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Obviously we didn’t know him, yet his passing felt strangely significant.

I think it must be because our generation grew up listening to him and his musical peers.

There aren’t many truly great musical legends left – Elton John, Phil Collins, Sting, Madonna, Paul McCartney, I reckon that’s kind of it really.

But although it’s very sad that George is no longer with us, I reckon he lived more in his 53 years than most of us will do in our whole lifetimes.

I only hope that the national media will now just leave it alone and not bring up his past and dig into his private life.

He was a true talent, so let’s remember him for that great voice and the collection of fantastic songs he has left us with.

Back to Christmas and I hope you got to enjoy the festive break with your loved ones.

We started the festivities early by joining the Meon Milton men’s football club at their annual end-of-year Christmas do.

This time it was held at the Marriott Hotel at North Harbour and Matt and I were literally the only non-playing guests there.

All the others were players and their WAGS, but what a night it was.

Daron Smith, who organised it, was brilliant as always, ensuring that everyone had a great night.

He assisted with this by plying everyone with booze. But I admit that nobody put up much of a fight.

It was the perfect start to the Christmas break and I admit that the overeating and excessive consumption of alcohol has still not stopped.

But with the celebrations continuing this weekend, I reckon it’s better to just keep going until we get to 2017.

Happy new year to you all!


Apparently Drake has got over his ex-flame Rihanna by dating another singer – this time it’s Jennifer Lopez, aka ‘Jenni from the block’ who’s got his attention.

They aren’t letting their 17-year age gap stop them from showing the world how smitten they are with one another, as they both posted photos of them smooching together on their Instagram pages.

I wonder how our RiRi feels seeing this? The two of them were up until recently very much together and reportedly even got matching tattoos to prove it.

I’m hoping that Jenni, being the more mature one of the couple and a mother, will be a little more hesitant before she dons permanent ink to show her affection for Drake.


Since we moved into our bungalow in Clanfield, I’ve taken the opportunity to invite people round as much as possible.

Our previous house in Copnor was only small, so no we have something larger I love hosting friends and family.

I don’t know why really, because anyone who has ever hosted more than four people at a time will tell you it’s pretty stressful.

I went a bit silly with the invitations and there were 22 people here over Christmas.

Matt was not best pleased, not because he didn’t want everyone over but hosting that many requires quite some space.

But as far as I’m concerned it’s the thought that counts – and there’s nothing wrong with sitting on the floor, right?