Gormless idiots who make me ashamed to be English | Rick Jackson

All I am of the England football team is super proud after losing in the Euro 2020 final to Italy on Sunday. Super proud of the way they played and the way they behaved.

By Rick Jackson
Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 6:25 pm
The thousands of messages of support attached to the mural of Manchester United and England player Marcus Rashford. Picture: PA
The thousands of messages of support attached to the mural of Manchester United and England player Marcus Rashford. Picture: PA

For me, Italy were the best team in the tournament from day one and it took a penalty shoot-out for them to beat us.

In the first half, we really had them on the ropes and you could see in the face of their manager, Roberto Mancini, they were worried.

A tactical change in the second half to match up with England saw them come back stronger, but still, we had chances to win the game, maybe even better ones than the Italians had.

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But once again our nemesis, the penalty shoot-out would be our undoing. And if we continue to lambast our players, it always will be.

I have the upmost respect for Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jaden Sancho who all stood up and took a penalty. At ages 23, 19 and 21 respectively, that shows awesome courage and maturity.

This young team took on the might of English expectation and played without fear in every game.

We now need to show how much we appreciate their efforts and achievements.

We also need to flush out the evil individuals who bring racists attacks on these fine young men.

We need to hold them to account and make examples of them, without exception.

I am sick to death of England players being publicly slurred by the minority who get all the column inches for all the wrong reasons.

Those 26 boys made me proud of the England football team all over again.

Those racist cowards on social media and the gormless idiots who stormed into Wembley stadium make me embarrassed to be English.

As we get closer to regaining all our freedoms after the Covid-19 pandemic, you wonder if everyone is entitled to them.

At least Covid kept those idiots off the streets.

I rejoice in our Euro 2020 success and hope we can go one better at the World Cup in December 2022!

Trying to bring my analogue mother into the digital age

My mum is lamenting the decision by supermarkets to stop selling CDs and DVDs. I am now in the process of trying to bring a 67-year-old traditionalist into the 21st century.

No way could I afford the amount of music I consume today if it were in physical form. My £9.99 monthly Apple Music subscription opens up millions of song to me at the touch of a screen.

This week my mood has taken me to the 1970s as I enjoy the likes of Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers and Supertramp in my car. Last week it was ’90s dance and acid house!

Mother isn’t buying it though. Then again, I can’t see her getting into Prodigy and 808 State any time soon!

What a load of junk! That’s the end for me and charcoal

At last, I have gas for my barbecue. I couldn’t find any in Gosport recently so bought a cheap charcoal barbecue instead.

We had friends over to watch the game on Sunday and trying to cook for 12 on that piece of junk was excruciating.

I lit the charcoal bag, it took slowly but didn’t give enough heat. Lots of oxygen blown on to it made it too hot, so I waited. Then the heat disappeared, the heavens opened and the charcoal barbecue was launched into the air and across several neighbours’ gardens. I shall never barbecue again, I’m a grill man that’s for sure!

We did eat eventually, two hours later than planned. Thankfully, no one got food poisoning.

A message from the editor, Mark Waldron.

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