Horndean restaurant staff are so generous '“ Cheryl Gibbs

I was thrilled to hear that one of my favourite places to eat and drink in Clanfield has raised a significant amount of money for charity.

Thursday, 29th November 2018, 3:36 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 3:31 am
Staff at Four London Road, Horndean, have raised money for the Alzheimer's Society

Four London Road, in Horndean, has raised £7,861 for Alzheimer's Society and staff did the cheque presentation on Tuesday.

Throughout the year, Four London Road staff have been fundraising, doing a variety of events including raffles, tombola and auctions.

Apparently, there are around 2,200 people in the Portsmouth area living with Alzheimer's, which is a truly cruel and horrible disease. The funds will undoubtedly help people in our area who need it most.

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Well done Four London Road '“ keep it up. 

Am I responsible for the deaths of cute little elves?

Did you know an elf dies every time someone does something Christmassy before December 1? At least that's what my brother-in-law Shaun tells me.

Well, the elves in Clanfield are screwed then because I've been listening to Christmas music for two weeks now. 

I can't help it '“ Christmas music is happy music. I think Christmas is so closely linked to your childhood and the memories it holds that I can't listen to a Christmas song without remembering something from my past. 

I count myself very lucky '“ those memories are all great ones so when I'm driving to work or to a meeting I'm blaring tunes from the Heart Xmas radio station or listening to it via their App'¦I'm obsessed! Just in case you didn't know there is a whole radio station dedicated to Christmas tunes all day. 

I've also been mega organised this year and finished all my Christmas shopping about three weeks ago '“  apart from Matt's present, that is. I always do him last because he's so fussy. 

So I'm hoping this may be the Christmas exception to the rule where I don't spend the week leading up to Christmas or Christmas Eve down town having a mad rush panic-buying because for some reason I always manage to forget something or, worse, someone!

We went late night shopping last night down town, despite Matt's exclamation of '˜why Cheryl, you've bought everything?' to which I replied '˜because it's Christmassy'¦and it's a tradition'.

Honestly, after eighteen Christmases together, the boy still doesn't get it. 

I watched a Christmas movie last week; I've seen it about six times already, it's an underrated Christmas film starring James Franco called Why Him?  '“ it's brilliant.

James is a superb comedy actor and I highly recommend watching it if you're keen to get into the crimbo mood.

I'm basically a big kid '“ I like Christmas to be how I remember it from when we were younger and I like tradition. Here's hoping this Christmas lives up to the rest. 

Don't worry, don't really think an elf dies if you get into the spirit now. Or do they'¦?

You don't want to be near grumpy old me when I'm cold

I'm off to Finland and Sweden next Friday filming for our travel series and I cannot wait.

I'm super excited because I've never been anywhere in Scandinavia before and I've never really been on a snowy and cold holiday before. 

While it's not a holiday, the experience is going to be awesome '“ or at least I hope it will be. We're staying in glass igloos at the Kakslauttanen arctic resort in Finland and the ice hotel in Sweden.

I'm not particularly looking forward to the weather '“ it's below freezing and I don't handle the cold very well.

But I bought hundreds of pounds worth of thermals so am hoping I'll remain toasty, otherwise the crew will know about it'¦I get mega grumpy when I'm cold.