How stupid must you be to treat lockdown as holiday? | Verity Lush

Finally, the swarming hordes of people who honestly believed it was a good idea to treat last weekend as an impromptu bank holiday have been forced to stay the hell away from the those of us who have enough intelligence to have kept our distance.

By Verity Lush
Friday, 27th March 2020, 5:11 pm
Updated Friday, 27th March 2020, 5:40 pm
Hundreds of people make their way to Southsea beach on 22nd March 2020 despite Government warning of coronavirus. Pictured: People near South Parade Pier.
Picture: Habibur Rahman
Hundreds of people make their way to Southsea beach on 22nd March 2020 despite Government warning of coronavirus. Pictured: People near South Parade Pier. Picture: Habibur Rahman

If you were among the folk who were standing shoulder-to-shoulder to buy an ice-cream, then what were you thinking?

Were you even thinking?

A potentially lethal virus is sweeping the globe, your local hospital has people dying inside from this virus, you know how it’s spread, and yet you prioritised ice-cream over life.

If it were a horror film, then we would be screaming: ‘DON’T GO DOWN THERE!’ like when the half-wit bumbles on down into the blackened basement to investigate the noise – and is promptly slaughtered by a serial killer.

As for the people on social media who are still claiming this is ‘just flu’ and even having the audacity to moan about why ‘flu’ is getting so much coverage, then surely they need to be locked indoors all year round?

Preferably with their keyboards and devices removed to prevent further moronic statements.

Of course, now that we are in lockdown but allowed to exercise, it appears that everyone is an avid exerciser.

My husband uses a local cycle path – he is a key worker – and, suddenly, an area that was once near deserted, is overrun with exercisers.

As long as they keep their distance, then that’s fab.

However, on a run over the top of Portsdown Hill this week, it was always me who moved to the other side of the road if other folk were on the pavement.

It is too narrow to achieve a six-foot gap otherwise.

This is nothing new for runners – if you’re one, then you’ll know that pedestrians don’t like to move at the best of times.

Turns out that even if you could be spreading a deadly virus, they still don’t. When will people start to listen and consider others?

A little consideration is a must right now – the chips are down.

Play your part and play it well.

I will never take my own garden for granted again

Big love for the teachers right now and all their fellow key workers.

Without teachers, vast numbers of key workers, from NHS consultants to supermarket staff, would be unable to get to work. The impact of that scenario is unthinkable.

If you are one of the families who are indoors, then several YouTube workouts – Joe Wicks, in particular, are just great for getting little feet moving.

Given that usually we are told to try and up our step count as much as we can, it is hard not to get incredibly twitchy when one is at home.

I have taken to pacing the garden and feeling grateful that I have one. Never again will many of us take space for granted.

A global pandemic really puts everything into perspective

If there is one thing that is apparent when the chips are truly down, then it is that such situations are pure levelers of humanity.

No matter what your role in society, whether you are boss or apprentice, we should all respect one another on an even level.

The people with the most authority are no more crucial to society than those with the least. We all have a part to play. Whether it’s to stay home, or to ensure our shelves are stacked, or to do a nightshift at QA, or teach the children still coming into school, each role is part of the bigger picture.

We are all cogs in the wheel – none more important than the other, because without one, the rest of the wheel won’t turn.