I agree with politicians, let’s not blow it now | Cheryl Gibbs

Happy Easter to you and yours!

Thursday, 1st April 2021, 11:29 am
Updated Thursday, 1st April 2021, 11:32 am
Police officers talk to groups of people enjoying the warm weather at the Forest Recreation Ground in Nottingham. Picture date: Wednesday March 31, 2021. PA Photo. The UK may be about to experience its hottest March on record with temperatures forecast to soar to around 25C (77F) Photo credit should read: Jacob King/PA Wire

It’s been a funny week hasn’t it, or is that just me?

On the one hand, it’s been amazing to actually leave the house to go and be in someone else’s garden.

I went to my sister’s garden on Tuesday and it was that blissfully hot day (a record for that week in March apparently). It almost felt like summer.

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Harley played in their garden with her cousins and I got to sit on someone else’s decking and enjoy their surroundings, instead of my own, and it just felt amazing.

Harley loved being somewhere new.

My sister has used lockdown to really revamp her outside space (or should I say her husband Shaun has). Harley made the most of the amenities on offer – swing set, slide, sand pit – she was in her element.

Although I fear it’s going to take me more than one visit to teach Harley the social etiquette of playing in someone else’s sandpit, especially because she thought it was acceptable to pour sand on her cousins head.

We all had a wonderful time.

However then I saw reports which showed footage of people also enjoying the blissful weather, but it wasn’t this that worried me.

It was videos and pictures of thousands of people who had flocked to the beaches and the parks, forming crowds. They didn’t seem like they were social-distancing because the crowds were huge.

I felt the anxiety creep back in.

‘We’re not through this yet,’ said the voice that kept niggling away at me. I felt that horrible feeling we’ve all felt during the past year.

I completely understand that people want to enjoy the weather and what feels like the start of summer.

We’ve all been locked away for so long that the mere mention of a tiny bit of freedom, coupled with beautiful weather after weeks of miserable cold weather and rain was bound to evoke this kind of activity.

I don’t very often quote politicians, not least of all Matt Hancock but he couldn’t have summed it up much better really when he asked the public this week ‘don’t blow it now’.

I am losing hope that my garden will ever be finished

Our garden is nearly finished – four and a half years since we first bought the house.

All I can say is ‘never again.’

Never again will I undertake such a mammoth project without having the finances and a timeline in place.

But you live and you learn and as I said ‘never again’.

I’m just grateful the awful wall we’ve had to look out at for so long has finally been plastered and painted white.

It all looks lovely and clean – perfect for a couple, not so perfect for a couple with an inquisitive one year old.

We’re going to now need to build some form of fencing or gates to stop Harley falling.

So in fact, it’s not finished yet… darn it!

If only Harley acted at home the way she does at nursery

Harley has started nursery. I didn’t really want to start her at nursery yet to be honest.

I wanted to have more time with her but I fear keeping her at home would hold her back so we’ve taken the plunge.

She settled in immediately and loves her key nursery worker.

So much so that she’s falling asleep on her with no dummy and with literally no fuss. I’ve tried and tried for such an outcome but nope. But all of a sudden Harley’s developed a laidback and chilled persona when at nursery.

I’m chuffed to bits that she’s doing so well but a little bit of that at home would be wonderful Harley!