I can’t remember the last time I slept in my own bed – Rick Jackson

Rick says his family have been playing musical beds recently.
Rick says his family have been playing musical beds recently.
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We’ve been playing ‘musical beds’ at Jackson Towers recently. When we wake up, who knows what bed we will be in!

Our three-year-old Holly may have climbed in during the night or Freddie. The other morning, I woke to find both my children in our bed and my wife nowhere to be seen.

She ended up sleeping in our daughter’s bed!

Holly has been a little poorly of late, so she’s been climbing into our bed, then snoring loudly.

So I ended up sleeping on the sofa bed in the lounge and Sarah went into Holly’s bed – this is getting silly.

I wouldn’t be surprised if one morning we all woke up in different beds to the ones we went to sleep in.

Is it just me who thinks time is going too quickly? 

How time really does fly. This week, I turned 46 and I feel ancient.

Time seems to pass so quickly nowadays and a chance meeting on the Isle of Wight ferry last weekend proved just that.

As I settled the kids into the play area of the ship, I noticed a familiar face. Keeping a watchful eye, I realised it was one of the captains of the very ship we were on.

During our chat, I asked how he managed to end up as a captain of an Isle of Wight ferry and it turns out his time at sea started with P&O European ferries out of Portsmouth.

What a small world. One of his ships was the Pride of Bilbao, the giant car ferry that crossed to Spain, but every Friday night, went to Cherbourg.

It was an unpopular crossing with crew, as it took 12 hours to get to the other side, instead of the usual five so they spent most of the night travelling up and down the French coast.

The crew also hated it when I was on board, as that meant it was another of those ‘Power FM Party Cruises’. We brought anarchy to the ship!

You may have been on one. Well more than 20,000 would travel over time on the ship and I’d provide the party games and entertainment on the way over.

The bar would never close and as the ship slipped into Cherbourg some people were still drinking.

Then 1,500 inebriated Brits would descend on the hyper-markets or the nearest McDonalds to continue drinking until they were allowed back on board to carry on again.

It must have been an awful experience for ‘normal’ passengers on that ship. The next day always included stories of the night before.

People running through corridors, trashing cabins and fights, the list of stories was endless.

And all this was happening 20 years ago. It seems like yesterday.

How times change. I still host a party cruise to France, but now it’s with Brittany Ferries on their beautiful Pont-Aven.

I, like most of our listeners, are tucked up in bed by 11pm!

Perks of the job includes meeting super-producers

We had a pop music genius in at the Wave 105 studios last week, Trevor Horn.

If this name means nothing to you, maybe his music does. He was behind The Buggles and the big hit Video Killed The Radio Star and he produced and gave that distinctive sound to many a chart hit from the likes of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ABC, Dollar, Seal and of course, Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid.

I suppose it’s fair to say, he was one of the first ‘super-producers’ of the like the chart scene is full of today, like Calvin Harris and Mark Ronson. We could have spoken to him for hours, the stories he had, the people he’s worked with.

For me, he now has god-like status!