I don't care about manliness, parenting is about teamwork | Rick Jackson

Rick Jackson believes parenting is about teamwork.Rick Jackson believes parenting is about teamwork.
Rick Jackson believes parenting is about teamwork.
There seems to be a great deal of role reversal going on in the Jackson household and sometimes it’s very annoying. Loading a car for a camping holiday is stereotypically a man’s job.

Not in our house as Sarah is the organiser and could probably fit all of the contents of our house into a Honda Jazz – she is that good.

I unfortunately, am a bit slap dash, which means that we would need to make several journeys to the campsite to take all our stuff.

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When it comes to decorating, Sarah likes to do the cutting in herself. She feels her patient nature means the lines are straighter and there are less paint splats on the floor, if any.

Last weekend, we properly organised the shed, seven years after moving in.

The shed is normally my domain but when she couldn’t find a garden chair, everything came out. That was my job.

Now I know this is all sexist claptrap.

In 2020 there really shouldn’t be any ‘man’s job’ or ‘woman’s job’, you play to your strengths.

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But sometimes it annoys me, as I’m trying to squeeze the paddleboard in, Sarah takes over, reorganises everything so it fits like a glove.

It’s purely down to pride.

As I chat to the bloke across the road, I feel my ‘manliness’ drain away as Sarah squeezes everything in perfectly.

Things aren’t all doom and gloom for me though. I’m the chef in the house and get plenty of kudos from guests at the banquets I put on.

I’m the master of bath and bedtime with the kids.

Sarah seems to procrastinate too much whereas I’m like the fun-time whirlwind, getting them into their pyjamas and ready for bed.

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At the end of the day it’s all about teamwork, not adhering to stereotypical, historical roles.

So what if Sarah is better at painting and sorting the shed?

I’m partial to a gin and tonic and Sarah likes a cool beer in the sunshine. I’ll watch First Dates with her and she’ll watch Match of the Day with me.

She draws the line at my double decker bus!

We’re not as thick-skinned as Americans to get roasted

Have you ever watched Comedy Central Roast? A panel of up to 10 celebrities are invited on stage to roast each other and also the main celebrity of the show.

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Recent roasts include Justin Bieber – what a good sport he was! Bruce Willis has been the main celebrity, as has Donald Trump and others over the years. Roasting seems like an American way of humour.

Basically, they are ripped apart in the name of comedy, to their face. It’s hilarious but brutal. So many times I have my head in my hands not believing what I’m hearing.

I’d love a UK edition but sadly I don’t think we are thick-skinned enough. I’d love to see Piers Morgan and Katie Price get the roast treatment!

We all have a guilty pleasure which can be hard to admit

As lockdown has been eased in the UK, I’ve stopped my Comedy Corner feature on the breakfast show, playing songs in the hope of lifting spirits.

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Now it’s Lockdown Light – I’ve replaced it with guilty pleasures.

It’s the song you are embarrassed about admitting you like, but secretly when you are on your own, you blast it out.

This week, a chap whose record collection consists of Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath picked Xanadu by ELO and Olivia Newton John.

A nurse from Cosham who has seen Take That 100-odd times picked Nirvana.

We don’t judge, we don’t take the mickey, we just enjoy your guilty three of four minutes with you.