I don't care what Corbyn says, billionaires should exist | Clive Smith

I know it’s only been a couple of weeks of the election campaign and quite frankly I’m sick of it already, but one thing I did find funny was Jeremy Corbyn saying ‘billionaires shouldn’t exist’.

Monday, 11th November 2019, 4:47 pm
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn addresses a Labour rally at the o2 Academy in Manchester, while on the General Election campaign trail. PA Photo. Picture date: Thursday November 7, 2019. Photo: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

So, Corbyn the socialist always used to blame the millionaires. Now Corbyn the millionaire blames the billionaires. Funny thing that.

Yes, I suppose realistically you can say that no one really needs that sort of money. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have it. Who are we to judge what people do with their money? They’ve worked hard and made a fortune. Good on them. This could become the Big Brother state we all dreaded.

Aspiration isn’t a bad thing. Your challenges aren’t because of someone else’s success. People shouldn’t be dragged down to the same level, but instead looking to raise themselves up.

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There’s an argument that it’s not fair that there are billionaires in this world while we have so many living in poverty and that the money from the rich should be redistributed with the poor. What rubbish! Most of these company owners haven’t got where they are by sitting about on the sofa all day watching Homes under the Hammer. They’ve worked for it, they would have taken risks with their own money when the only risk some people take is whether to leave the digestive biscuit in the tea for an extra second.

And there are weirdo’s ‘legitimising’ their argument by saying they wouldn’t want to be a billionaire.

Get a grip! These are probably the same people who would carry on working after they’ve won the lottery.

And most of these billionaires aren’t actually ‘cash’ billionaires. Most of their money will be tied up in shares and assets. 

Really, it’s all a lot of noise to try to win votes.

At the end of the day I expect if all the money in the world was shared out equally between every person, there would be a good chance that a large majority of the people who are always skint, would be skint again in a couple of years and those who were wealthy would again be wealthy again in a couple of years.


No, I’m not going to stop clapping to be ‘inclusive’

Oh I miss the days when you could just crack on with your life without being told that an action may offend someone else.

We’re now being told by some oddball that we should switch to ‘jazz hands’ instead of clapping because it is more ‘inclusive’ to those with anxiety or sensitive to loud sounds.

But wouldn’t clapping be discriminating against the blind and partially sighted! What next? You can’t smile just in case in upsets someone who is sad!

Imagine you’re on an away day watching your team come back from two goals down and in the last seconds of the game the striker smashes one in the top corner and everyone is stood there like statues waving at the pitch.


Two days at sea with boiled sweets sounds easy to me

An epic story of survival made the news this week of New Zealander Kushila Stein who when trying to return to her friend’s boat off the shore near Crete was swept out to sea.

Apparently, the 47-year-old survived two days floating about in the sea by eating boiled sweets. Wow! A whole two days! Hardly the Chilean miners is it?

I spent three days in Ibiza without a single morsel passing my lips. I know it must have been frightening but I hardly think she was going to be starving to death in two days.

Had it been a couple of weeks and she only survived by eating her toe nails and drinking her own urine – that would have been a story.