I have got so sucked into techology, I even decided to video call my dog | Lou Hannan

Lou video called her dachshund to check in.Lou video called her dachshund to check in.
Lou video called her dachshund to check in. | Other 3rd Party
I’m not sure about you but there are plenty of positives to focuson at the moment – enjoying the simpler things in life, slowing down a bit and finally discovering my true hair colour.

Okay, maybe that last one isn’t such a positive.

One of the other great things I’ve discovered happening, is catching up with friends I haven’t spoken to in ages.

I’m finding with all of this extra time, it’s been a chance to properly chat to the people you love but the ones you normally only communicate with via a quick Facebook status like or maybe an exchange of text messages.

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After finishing work the other day, I found myself spending five and a half hours on the phone to various people!

I’m not sure about this lockdown but I was exhausted by the end of the day.

So fantastic though, and interesting to get everyone’s take on the current situation and how they’re coping.

One big new thing to me though, is the video call.

I know, welcome to 2020!

As you’ll probably know, I’m not massively into technology and find it all a bit annoying but as much as Facetime, Zoom and Skype are great ways of keeping connected to people.

Up until this point, I’ve managed to avoid it all.

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It was time to bite the bullet the other day though, as I was desperate to see the dog I share with my mum.

He’s living with her at the moment and I thought a Skype call would make sure he didn’t forget me.

Between us, mum and I managed to set it all up but it turned into a disaster the first time round as being even more of a technophobe than me.

I spent the first call staring at the inside of my mum’s ear…

The second attempt was slightly more successful.

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There were many shots of the living room ceiling but after much shouting and pointing, I was virtually reunited with Josh the Dachshund.

I smiled while he stared at the screen looking confused before diving behind the screen to see where I was.

Don’t you just love technology?! There’s no escaping it.

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