I think the Isle of Wight is where I am at my happiest | Cheryl Gibbs

I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned that whenever I go over to the Isle of Wight I’m always amazed and impressed by how incredible it is.

The Solent Flyer at Ryde. Picture: Sarah Standing (160922-3026)
The Solent Flyer at Ryde. Picture: Sarah Standing (160922-3026)

We live so close to such a little treasure and I question every time why I don’t go over more – aside from the small matter of a global pandemic and lockdowns preventing us from really going anywhere, of course.

I went over on Tuesday to see my best friend Laura who moved there about 15 years ago now.

She met Harley and I off the hovercraft which Harley did not like at all to be honest.

I think the noise and the bumpiness of the ride from the waves was a bit unsettling, but it's so quick.

Ten minutes of cuddling her and there we were in Ryde.

The weather was intermittently warm then cold, but it didn’t stop us from spending most of the day on the beach.

We were enjoying nothing more than some fresh sea air, sand in between our toes, a picnic and building sandcastles.

I haven’t seen Laura for nearly a year and she’s only met Harley probably twice since she was born last February.

It was so nice for us to be together so she could get to know her a little better.

By the end of the day, Harley was happy to take her hand and go off for a little walk which, of course, was amazing for me to see.

It was just such a perfect day and a needed one – something I’m sure everyone can relate too.

I just always get a relaxed and calm feeling when I’m over there.

Perhaps that stretch of water – which apparently is the most expensive stretch of water in the world to travel across – really makes a difference to your headspace.

It’s that feeling of ‘getting away’ because even though I was only there for about six hours, I came back far more refreshed and vibrant than before I went over.

I should really make an effort to go there more.

As much as I can’t wait to jump on a plane and head to sunnier climes, for now a little trip over to the island we all look at really did the trick.

I must have turned into a cynic about love, sorry J-Lo!

Jennifer Lopez is apparently back with her former flame actor, Ben Affleck, who is best known for playing one of the worst Batman’s in history.

I never saw it coming – not for one moment.

The pair were briefly together back in 2002 during which time Ben made a cameo in Jen’s music video to promote her song, Jenny From The Block.

Both Jen and Ben have been married before. Jen has been engaged five times and married three times. She was also engaged to Ben before they called it off.

I’m guessing we’ve got a few months before they announce that they ‘couldn’t be happier and are totally in love’ – I’m not sure when I turned into a cynic!

IVF is tough enough as it is, they don’t need more hate

Model-turned-businesswoman, Katie Price and her fiancé, Carl Woods, have announced they’re undergoing IVF treatment in the hope of having their own child – the sixth for Katie.

IVF is extremely difficult, not just financially but on your body and your mind. Katie has shared concerns that she’s worried that Carl’s past dabble in steroids will be an issue. I wish them all the best.

Apparently they don’t want to w ait because Katie wants her terminally ill mum to be around to see them have children of their own. I don’t always agree with Katie’s life choices, but IVF can be incredibly tough in all sorts of ways and the last thing they need is more judgement.