If I just ate what I wanted, I’d probably go blind too: OPINION

Poor eating choices are big in the news again as experts are warning against the dangers of ‘fussy eating’ after a 17-year-old has gone blind as a result of consuming a diet consisting largely of chips, crisps and white bread.

Friday, 6th September 2019, 4:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th September 2019, 11:56 am
A loaf of white bread. Picture by Getty Images

They were plenty of ‘doctors’ on the internet saying it wasn’t fussy eating, that it sounded more like an eating disorder, a mental health condition – autism was the favourite, learning difficulties and sensory processing disorder.

I’m not saying none of these things can contribute to eating problems. They do. But there was no mention of this in any of the articles.

Why have these ‘experts’ got to have a label for everything? Thousands of kids don’t eat properly.

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That doesn’t mean they have any of the above, just call it for what it is: fussy eating.

Admittedly fussy eating gone too far, but that’s probably what it is.

My first thoughts when I hear of these sorts of things happening is to blame the parents – i t’s they who are providing food for him.

And then as I read further into what his diet actually consisted of, it was Pringles, slices of white bread, an occasional slice of ham, no fruit and veg, and a portion of chips from the ‘chippy.’

If my eldest daughter was to do a food diary it would pretty much read like that.

Am I going to blame myself, then? Nah, the Mrs does the cooking, she can pay for any optician fees we may inc ur in the future!

I’m not ‘into’ food like some people are.

I’d happily eat a plateful of parma violets everyday if it filled me up and gave me the nutrition I needed.

But it wouldn’t and I’d probably go blind too, and my teeth would fall out and my ears fall off.

That’s really what he’s done here.

He was even offered vitamin supplements but couldn’t be bothered to take them.

There was once a time when it was said teenage boys were going blind for completely different reasons.

Now look at us. Britain is broken!

At least on the bright side he can now eat what he wants without the fear of going blind.

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