If it's too hot for hands, it's too hot for paws '“ Lesley Keating

Hasn't the weather been amazing?  Are we really in Britain or is this actually the Mediterranean? Every day there is blinding sunshine and, rather than enduring our usual limp British summer, we are literally basking in incredible temperatures.

Friday, 27th July 2018, 11:59 am
Updated Friday, 27th July 2018, 1:04 pm
PAWS FOR THOUGHT: Think of your dog's needs during hot weather

There's been wall-to-wall sunshine and we've been   enjoying the sort of clim ate that most of southern Europe and northern Africa takes for granted.  Portsmouth? It's more like Puerto Banus, and Horndean '“ where I live '“ could be Halkidiki! 

It's like all our wishes have been granted and the thought of damp, dismal days with grey skies and chilly, biting winds are a long way off. But there is a downside.

  It's been bloomin' hot. Too hot to concentrate on anything for long.  Too hot to cook or even eat much really, and far too hot to wear anything much either '“ which is fine when I'm working at home, but not so fine when I have to go to meetings in hot, sweaty offices. 

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Even getting into my car with its leather seats, wearing shorts, is a bit of a challenge. Today was like sitting on a sizzling hotplate, so apologies to my neighbours for my colourful language the other morning!

But on a more serious note, spare a thought for all pets, dogs in particular, who need exercising. I can't imagine what it is like for them. 

To fully appreciate, I'd need to pop on a few layers of heavy winter clothing and, ideally, a fur coat too (fake, of course).  Then take off my shoes and stand on the nearly-molten asphalt drive barefooted for a minute or two. Then after that, go for a swift run around the block. I wonder how I'd feel after all that?

This is why I always walk Milly somewhere shady between 7am and 9am during this heatwave.

So please, please dog owners, don't just look outside and think it's '˜o h, not too bad yet'.

  Do the palm test too. Actually put your palm flat on the pavement for a good few seconds. 

If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your pet. Remember, they can't tell you how they feel. 


Hosepipe ban but millions of gallons of water for fracking  So, the government has approved '˜fracking' for shale gas in Lancashire, something many have opposed. 

This includes friends who live nearby who have demonstrated and petitioned against the technique which blasts millions of gallons of water through rock to get access to fuels. I'm not debating here the rights and wrongs, but it's generally agreed the cost is high environmentally alongside other accusations of adverse emissions, water contamination and risk of earthquakes.

I bet Lancashire people love the irony of their hosepipe ban and being lectured about conserving '˜precious' water. Double standards.

'˜This vehicle is under attack.' Would you help or walk on?


The other day I was in Sainsbury's car park where a bus was parked.  

All the windows and doors were open and a loud, robotic recording was booming out: '˜This vehicle is under attack. Call 999.' What would you do?

A few people exchanged glances, shook heads and shrugged but most were disinterested. I hesitated.

I could see someone inside and the alarm continued relentlessly. Then an elderly man next to me said '˜It's probably nothing but shall we take a look?' I was nervous but went along. All was well. The driver had dropped his bag and activated the alarm by mistake.

Makes you wonder what would happen in a real emergency though.