I'm dreading what Christmas will be like | Cheryl Gibbs

Will Christmas be virtual this year if families can't meet?Will Christmas be virtual this year if families can't meet?
Will Christmas be virtual this year if families can't meet?
2020 hasn’t been a great year, has it?For us personally, it’s been the year our whole world changed and for the better because we became parents and we just love it.

It’s hard work, of course.

But I’ve never felt more at ease with myself and it’s being a mum that has done that and I love it.

But to add to this mix, the entire world changed – literally.

The coronavirus has gripped the world.

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As it continues to take hold of our lives again (just when we were slowly starting to feel a tiny feeling of normal again), I can’t help but wonder what the next 12 months are going to look like.

Is it going to be similar to the last six months or worse?

I hope not.

As Manchester goes into tier three (despite their extreme resistance) and South Yorkshire will also from tomorrow (Saturday), it’s a worry how things in the south will pan out over the next few months as we go into winter.

I think it’s sad there is so much debate between the north and south divide, with some in the north feeling bitter towards the south because we’re not in full lockdown.

The rate this virus is taking hold, we could go into full lockdown at any point regardless of where we are in the country.

No one wants that, but it’s reality.

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It’s the world we live in and I fear it’s only going to get worse over the coming months.

We really do all need to stick together.

It may sound cheesy and dramatic, but it’s true.

Never more have we all needed to look out for each other and show a united front.

Winter is going to be tough and I’m dreading what Christmas will look like.

I doubt very much it will resemble anything like our normal Christmas.

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And personally I find it hard to think that our daughter won’t get her first Christmas to be like all the ones we have had before it.

But what can we do but try to knuckle down, ride it out and hope 2021 is so much better and more positive than 2020.

We can only hope.

Bobby Brazier seems to have a bright future ahead of him

Jade Goody’s eldest son, Bobby Brazier, is following in his late mum and father’s footsteps of being in the limelight by posing for a high fashion shoot for Tings magazine.

The 17 -year-old who has walked for Milan Fashion Week and posed on the cover of Man About Town magazine looks just like his mum, Jade, who passed away on Mother’s Day 10 years ago.

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He looks likely to have an interesting path ahead of him. With his shaggy wavy hair, high cheekbones and big eyes, it’ s no wonder that Bobby is climbing the social circles. His dad, Jeff Brazier, recently gushed about how his sons were turning into ‘fine young men’.

Good luck Bobby, your mum would be proud.

She could have asked Kate Middleton anything at all…

Kate Garraway has been at the centre of the media spotlight recently, largely because of her husband, Derek Draper, who is still in a critical situation because of the impact of contacting the coronavirus.

But this week Kate has been at the centre of attention for a very different reason. The journalist and ITV host, who always maintains a composed and professional manner, admitted to asking a bit of a ‘light’ question when she was filming with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for the Pride of Britain awards. She could have asked the duchess anything, but she asked her about her hair and how she maintains her luscious locks.

Brilliant – I love that.