I'm thrilled Pompey is finally investing money | Rick Jackson

We’ve just made our most significant signing since Harry Redknapp and it’s called Roko Health Club – or Pompey Health and Fitness from now on.

By Rick Jackson
Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 11:56 am
Updated Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 11:56 am
General View of Fratton Park by Joe Pepler.
General View of Fratton Park by Joe Pepler.

Is it me, or is this the first time Portsmouth Football Club has actually owned its own training facilities after begging and borrowing in the past?

At last, owners are investing heavily in the infrastructure of the club. It’s something true fans have longed to see.

We were fed up with the ‘cry wolf’ statements of new stadia in Farmington, Horsea Island or even more ridiculously, on top of HMS Warrior.

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How did the likes of Sol Campbell and Lassana Diarra feel after the state-of-the-art facilities at Arsenal and Chelsea to turning up to training in a field next to a motorway, changing in Portakabins?

Nothing new for Pompey players of the past.

From Royal Navy facilities in Fareham and Southwick and the University of Portsmouth and Southampton, they’ve all played host to the club.

When you consider how much time players spend training, being coached and rehabilitated during injury, it’s any wonder we won the FA Cup at all!

Fans are getting rather hot under the collar about the lack of new signings for the senior squad after 14 players left the club at the end of last season.

Be in no doubt, the manager and the chairman will be going great-guns on getting the right recruits for the new season – in that I trust.

But don’t forget, the money that is being invested into Fratton Park as well as the new training facility will give the players a base to finally galvanise the team into promotion contenders again.

We have an historic stadium – which fans love – that will feature state of the art facilities to complement its unique atmosphere.

It is a ground we can continue to be proud of.

It won’t be long before we have a team fit to grace this grand old lady which is receiving a much-needed ‘nip and tuck’!

In my mind this goes to show we have the right people owning our club doing the right thing for the club’s future, with or without rich benefactors.

Covid restrictions at sports games are very hypocritical

Can someone please explain to me how two England players, who hugged Scotland footballer Billy Gilmore after the England v Scotland match, have to self-isolate?

Even though they continue to test negative?

How does it make sense that the Scottish manager and Gilmore’s teammates – who shared changing rooms, coaches and hotels with him – don’t have to?

This kind of nonsense will tempt the public throwing in the towel when it comes down to restrictions. The G7 barbecue and 2,000 UEFA officials all not isolating smacks in the face of hypocrisy. So you can hug someone with Covid but at a wedding you can’t do the can-can? Nonsense.

Is there something wrong with me or am I skiving?

After weeks of camping, lots of gym sessions, looking after the kids and running the house, I finally ran out of steam.

I felt so unwell I took several Covid tests which were all negative.

For many years, I periodically get this awful fatigue, aches and pains and zero energy. Sometimes it’s related to an illness, sometimes it just comes on possibly when I’m run down.

I’ve never got to the bottom of it and more blood tests recently showed no issues. I’m useless until the symptoms go, which don’t necessarily come down to rest.

I’m hoping a consultation with my GP will shed some light. Maybe my wife is right, it’s acute skive-alitis?