Imagine if it was your child '“ then try to help

It's every parent's worst nightmare '“ having to watch your tiny, helpless child battle illness, unable to make things okay for them.

Thursday, 1st December 2016, 6:01 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 12:42 pm

That is exactly what is happening to Amy and Craig O’Shaughnessy.

Their three-year-old son George is fighting leukaemia for a second time.

Nineteen months ago he was in remission, but the cruel cancer is back and has spread to his spinal fluid and right kidney.

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A bone marrow transplant could cure George and The News calls on our readers to step up and register as bone marrow donors and potentially save George’s life.

It may not be happening to you, but it could do at any time.

Put yourselves in the family’s shoes. Time is running out for them. This could be their last chance.

It’s heart-wrenching even to watch your child when they catch a cold or bug.

Amy and Craig have watched their son suffer first the illness, then the gruelling treatment that he has spent years undergoing.

The test to see if you are a match donor is quick, simple and painless.

And if a match is found, the healthy bone marrow will replace George’s bone marrow and the hope is he can beat leukaemia again.

It’s not impossible.

These donor register drives have happened before and given children like George the chance to live the life of a normal three-year-old.

Sadly, George’s big sister Isabella is not a match.

But you could be, or somebody you know could be.

Whatever you do over the next few days, take a moment to visit and do something amazing.

Imagine if it was your child who was lying in a hospital bed.

Why not try to save a life?