It hit me with such force I was pushed under the water

Brooklyn Beckham gv YPN-150417-131218025Brooklyn Beckham gv YPN-150417-131218025
Brooklyn Beckham gv YPN-150417-131218025
Have you seen the horror movie Christine about a killer car? It's one of movie director John Carpenter's classics and if you haven't seen it yet, you really should.

Don’t let the fact it sounds ridiculous put you off, because I reckon having a car coming after you would be genuinely scary.

The reason I mention such a movie is because I fear I’ve had a similar thing happen to me. But instead of it being a car out for blood, it was a swimming pool. Bear with me on this one...

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I’m currently in St Ives in Cornwall filming for a TV programme and it’s absolutely beautiful. We’ve been staying in this lovely hotel on the cliffs overlooking the sea.

We arrived on Tuesday and had a few hours to ourselves in the evening, so decided to check out the pool and spa.

After the running machine the pool beckoned and I slipped into my bikini and jumped in.

I saw this kind of wheel in the water attached to the side of the pool and wondered what on earth it was. There were no signs anywhere.

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So I touched it and within a few seconds I was blasted to the other side of the pool by what can only be described as jet force.

I was so winded by this thing I actually worried about internal bleeding. No joke.

It hurt so much and despite my colleagues’ laughter, I found it less than amusing.

Anyway, I pulled myself together (literally as said jet force had rearranged my rather flimsy bikini) and got on with the evening.

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Next night I returned for another dip. Needless to say, I steered well clear of this wheel.

I started swimming down the lane when it went off again, this time hitting my back with a force so powerful I was pushed under the water!

What the heck? I wasn’t anywhere near this thing and all the other pool users were far closer to it than me and had been swimming around it all blooming day.

But yet again it had it in for me! The whole incident reminded me of that horror movie and I can now totally empathise with the car’s poor victims.

I’ve been left totally traumatised.


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When I turned 17, I couldn’t wait to drive and start out on my road to freedom.

I was so excited I took my first driving lesson on my actual birthday and had three lessons a week for three months before taking my first driving test, which I failed.

It took me a further three attempts to pass, but I got there in the end.

My reward was a £50 Ford Fiesta with a dodgy gearbox. First and reverse gears were so close that if I wasn’t careful I’d start going backwards instead of forwards.

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Brooklyn Beckham has just turned 17 and has also started driving lessons. But instead of them being in a banger, he’s got a brand new Mercedes worth around £30,000. I’m fairly confident he won’t face the same problems I did! Good luck Brooklyn.


Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway was spotted this week for the first time with her gorgeous baby boy Jonathan.

I love the fact she’s called him such a plain, traditional name.

Because it’s very un-Hollywood like to call a baby something as normal as Jonathan.

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She looked radiant, baby Jonathan in her arms as she strolled around Hollywood with her husband.

They looked the epitome of a happy family.

I think all that LA sunshine has done the first-time mum the world of good.

She looked relaxed and confident...nothing like how I imagine most first-time mums feel like.

I imagine that I’d look more like Vicky Pollard than Anne Hathaway.