It makes me wonder what has happened to humanity

It seems to have been one of those weeks that make you wonder what has happened to humanity, particularly following the meaningless death of Jo Cox.

Saturday, 25th June 2016, 6:01 am
Jo Cox

Or, perhaps humanity has always been this way, and each new generation simply becomes aware as they grow older of just how barbaric we really are as a race.

However you voted on Thursday, let us not forget that at least women are allowed to vote.

Given that we have lost our lives in the past during the fight for this right, it seems obvious that yes, throughout history, humanity has proven itself to be an animal at heart.

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It was fascinating to see Britain First posts in the wake of Jo Cox’s death.

Especially their inability to see the irony in their sense of injustice at being judged because of the actions of a minority.

The boot was well and truly on the other foot and their eyes, as ever, were wide shut.

It is often our jumping to judge that leads to the troubles within our society.

We are quick to make our minds up and perhaps this is due, in part, to a certain laziness.

There is less thought needed and we can leap upon a bandwagon, waving our pitchforks of judgment and yelling down anyone that disagrees.

This behaviour begins in infancy, as early as the playground.

This is where cliques and groups form initially, and we hone our millennia-old pack mentality.

It simply depends upon which directions we then take this in, and where our personal biases end up residing as we get older.

For the two small children of Jo Cox, none of this really matters.

However their mummy died, she remains gone from their lives forever, at an age where even their memories may not make it through to adulthood.

But we never seem to get it as a race, do we?

We never seem to understand that whatever colour, whatever creed, whatever age, we feel loss and pain and horror just the same as one another.

How very, very heartbreaking.


My youngest daughter was poorly recently and I took the day off work to look after her.

Aside from the fact that I had no-one else to palm her off on to, there’s also the fact that when you’re little and unwell, you want to be with your mummy.

Or your daddy.

Oh, that’s right, daddy. Where was daddy, I hear you ask?

My children are lucky enough to live with both parents and so, surely, there is an option rather than just me as childcare?

Or so you’d think.

Instead, as I’m sure happens with many families, there was no question that it would be me who took the day off, despite my having several jobs.

Namely, teacher, nanny, cook and cleaner.


The diet industry is everywhere.

We are continually bombarded by DVDs, books and chia seeds.

I read an article recently that followed a study into what happens once a person has lost a significant amount of weight and the findings were fascinating.

Apparently, your body will essentially fight to get you back to the weight that was your heaviest.

Changes occur in the body once you’ve lost a substantial amount.

Your only option to maintain the loss is to put up with the ravenous hunger that your body inflicts upon you in order to get you back to your heaviest.

Makes the diet industry all seem rather meaningless given that we’re essentially doomed from the off!