It's a shame we haven't heard enough positive EU stories

Jamie VardyJamie Vardy
Jamie Vardy
So today's the day. The day the UK decides if we want to remain within the EU.

Could this be our ‘Independence Day’, or ‘Isolation Day’?

It’s been a very bitter campaign. Sometimes it’s been xenophobic, sometimes it’s been too personal and sometimes it’s been downright misleading.

I’m wondering how some MPs and cabinet ministers will be able to work with each other in the future after some of the things that have been said.

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I’ve listened to all the arguments and have done my research and after swaying over the past few months, I’ve made my decision.

In my mind, there are pros and cons for staying within the EU and leaving. Which is the lesser of two evils?

What really annoys me is some of the rhetoric.

Do we really believe the government will plough the £350m a day allegedly saved into public services if we left the EU?

In the first instance that money, I’d imagine, would be held back just in case things didn’t go too well.

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A chancellor who has spent all his tenure trying to reduce our national debt is not going to start splashing the cash if we no longer contribute to the EU.

As for immigration, for us to come to a trade agreement with the EU which contains few or no barriers financially, we would have to agree to free movement within the EU.

The Turkey argument is also very misleading.

To comply with EU membership, it has to reach 30 ‘goals’ of compliance. So far, it has managed one.

Donald Trump has a better chance of becoming a pin-up in Attitude magazine.

It’s a shame we haven’t heard enough positive EU stories.

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How we have many natural allies and often win important arguments and how the fishing industry in Europe was saved by EU quotas.

Without them there wouldn’t be any fish left. Let’s also not forget the ‘burden’ of being in the EU has seen us become the second-biggest economy in Europe and aiming to be number one in the future.

Happy voting!


Slovakia took the phrase ‘parking the bus’ to a whole new level on Monday evening at Euro 2016.

They actually took it to bus depot level!

But let’s not be disheartened by the fact we didn’t score. We battered them and afterwards they celebrated like they’d won the tournament.

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Maybe Andy Carroll and his heading ability would have come in handy?

I’m pretty sure if we get Spain at some point, we too will ‘park the bus’. But I’m also sure our tactic of pace with Jamie Vardy will come into play.

With each game we’re improving. And let’s be gracious too. Congratulations to Wales on winning our group. Truly remarkable. I’m now backing Northern Ireland!


Tomorrow sees the start of my summer holiday, but my family start theirs on Monday.

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That’s because I’m driving to the Costa del Sol and they’re flying.

When you have a two-year-old and a six-month-old, the amount of things you need for a self-catering two-week holiday would see any plane struggle to take off!

I’m on the overnight ferry to Le Havre and then a drive to Biarritz for an overnight stop.

Then it’s off to Torrevieja the next day.

But two eight-hour drives will seem like a walk in the park compared to my longest-ever drive.

That was going from Gosport to Barcelona via the Channel Tunnel.

That was around 1,000 miles and took 20 hours!