It's down to all of us to make the M27 safer

If anyone spends even a small length of time driving on the M27, they will know it's busy.

Saturday, 26th November 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 4:24 pm

Often very busy.

And for those who find themselves using the arterial route at rush-hour, congestion is a familiar sight.

What is also familiar to motorists will be displays of poor driving.

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It might be simple speeding but it’s not uncommon to see worse.

From lane-weaving to rash late decisions to make exits, regular commuters see it all.

Which is why it’s not too surprising that we often find ourselves bringing you stories about accidents on the M27.

Thankfully, most of these do not prove fatal and often the worst of it is the knock-on effects for other drivers, who are left queuing while the situation is cleared up.

But three crashes in the past five days alone would seem to suggest maybe there’s a problem and maybe it’s one that is worsening.

Some concerns have been raised about the layout of the road between junctions 11 and 12, where a fourth lane was added in 2008.

It merges into the fast lane, which some believe is dangerous.

But, although figures show there have been more accidents since the lane was introduced, it’s a negligible rise.

The leader of Fareham Borough Council Sean Woodward and Fareham MP Suella Fernandes both say they believe the problems are down to a combination of congestion and poor driving.

That, therefore, it’s not the road that is dangerous but the way some people drive on it.

We support them in this view.

Yes, it’s a very busy road, but people have to take responsibility for their own actions while driving. If everyone to the maximum amount of care it would certainly be safer.