It's like giving Alf Garnett the job of kicking racism out of football | Clive Smith

CONTROVERSIAL: TV character Alf Garnett was a heavily ironical racist Picture: GettyCONTROVERSIAL: TV character Alf Garnett was a heavily ironical racist Picture: Getty
CONTROVERSIAL: TV character Alf Garnett was a heavily ironical racist Picture: Getty
Racism continues to dog Italian football. And is it any wonder?A couple of weeks back Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport ran a front-page story about former teammates Chris Smalling and Romelu Lukaku with the headline ‘Black Friday’.

Both of these players are black, so far from ideal in today’s climate.

But then on the back of this and the continued issues facing the Italian FA they have put posters out as part of their new initiative to stop racism within the sport.

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I’m assuming they thought the newspaper débacle wasn’t enough, so they’ve really gone for it, doubled down and employed Alf Garnett as head of their ‘Say No To Racism’ campaign!

You see, the artwork they’ve used on the posters features three monkeys. They’ve actually tried to promote a campaign to tackle racism with pictures of monkeys.

The reasoning behind it, apparently, is that we all originate from monkeys. With the Italian FA I think it’s more a case of the three wise monkeys, but turning it on its head and calling them the unwise monkeys. They ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’.

They just don’t get the problem, or seem not to want to. It’s like they are trying to say ‘no’ to racism but what they really mean is ‘yes’. They are clueless.

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I can’t believe this has come about through sheer ignorance.

This sort of project would have been passed through art directors, media managers, PR teams, the Italian FA. You’re telling me it’s landed on each and every one of their desks and they’ve signed it off thinking it was a good job?

I’m not bothered when companies do something edgy and cause a bit of controversy when they are trying to promote something. It’s good marketing. People are too quick to cry about anything remotely controversial these days. But this... I can’t see where they’re coming from, or even going with it.

It’s like they are saying you’re all chimps no matter what colour kit you wear or team you play for.

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It’s almost as if the Italian FA has gone past even caring about it any more and is just trolling everyone.

I have no sympathy for Mo Farah’s wayward brother

Britain’s most successful track athlete Mo Farah has taken a different path in life to his brother Ahmed, who is now back in Somalia, after serving a prison sentence for false imprisonment and taking part in a knife raid.

He’s moaning he is homeless and penniless, has no family around him and is ‘flowing from sofa to sofa’. Stop the sob story Ahmed. There’s little sympathy for you here.

You had somewhere to call home, you were given a chance of a better life. You messed it up. Your brother took his chance, you abused yours. So you’d better get used to the comforts of Somalia.

I’m sure Mo could send you a few quid.

Just carry on singing, I really don’t care about your views

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I always find it strange that you have people who train and learn for years to become surgeons, scientists, airline pilots, doctors, engineers and such. Professions difficult to get into but at the same time are crucial for society.

Yet you rarely hear from them. They don’t say much.

Then you have somebody who sings a song or acts in some drivel on TV and then pontificates about all sorts. There was a time when a sports pundit just talked about sport on their Saturday show. Actors would simply act. I want them to crack on doing just that.

I couldn’t care less about their views on current issues. I haven’t watched Match of the Day for years because of this.

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