I've now learned that I can't drink 13 glasses of prosecco

Amber HeardAmber Heard
Amber Heard
In the past week I have learned something about myself, namely that I can't drink 13 glasses of prosecco without facing repercussions.

Along with some pals, I went to the champagne bar summer opening at Southsea Castle last Friday night.

It was the first time I’d ever been and it was absolutely brilliant.

I recommend everyone go at least once over the summer.

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Apparently it’s open every Friday night and you don’t have to pay to just go and have a drink and make the most of the views, which are stunning.

So anyway, I was so excited about going and hanging out with my girls.

Despite somehow getting a burn on my neck from my curling iron while getting ready (which, by the way, now looks like a love bite, which it most definitely isn’t) it was a really fab night.

But the problem was that the prosecco was flowing a little too fast.

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Now this was entirely my fault, because I insisted it was better value to buy bottles and not glasses.

It worked out cheaper – I swear that was the motivation.

So to cut to the chase, I proceeded to get absolutely drunk.

I then made a complete fool of myself by being sick several times.

I can assure you it wasn’t a good look. But then my embarrassment got even worse.

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We asked a guy to take a group photo of us all, at which point I started asking him to ensure there was enough ‘depth of field’ in the shot.

I carried on this camera-talk nonsense, which was embarrassing because normally I never do that when I’m not working and, secondly, because it turned out he was a photographer who worked for ITV.

I must have looked like an absolute idiot. Although said photographer was lovely and started asking me what cameras I shoot on and who I knew at ITV, I can honestly say I was just babbling like an idiot.

Let’s be honest, it’s not how you would want to greet a peer in the TV industry, especially not given how small the pool of TV production people from Portsmouth is!


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Have you been following the shenanigans surrounding Johnny Depp and his estranged wife Amber Heard that have been gripping the media this week?

I know I have.

Do you believe the accusations that have been made against Johnny?

There seems to have been a drip-feed to the press of pictures of her looking sombre with cuts to her lip and slight bruising to her face.

I’m not sure what’s going on and to be honest it isn’t really for us to pass judgment, is it?

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But I do think that perhaps these matters would be better off settled in privacy instead of being splashed across newspapers, magazines and the internet for the entire world to see.

Just my opinion...


I’m renowned for doing things later than everyone else – be it fashion trends or getting to grips with the latest social media tech.

Whatever it might be, I’m usually last.

Now for years everyone has been telling me I must visit Lidl or Aldi for my shopping.

I’ve always protested, not least because Matt is a bit of a food snob and would rather we shopped at Waitrose.

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Well we can’t, so this week I thought I’d pop in to Aldi on my way home from work for some fruit and veg.

I love it and am now Aldi-obsessed, so much so that I’ve brought pretty much everything from there including the own brand chocolate which, I have to say, is to die for!

Now I know why people were telling me to take the Aldi challenge...