Katie Price is violating sacred marriage vows: OPINION

I really do try and keep an open mind and I like to think that I’m not terribly judgemental – or at least I try not to be. But I admit that Katie Price really does test my patience in terms of being non-judgemental – it’s hard not to be judge and jury when it comes to her.

Tuesday, 6th August 2019, 5:56 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th August 2019, 5:48 pm
Cheryl Gibbs believes Katie Price is violating the sanctity of marriage Pic: John Stillwell/PA Wire

She’s engaged again…what number is this? I lose count.

Turns out it’s her fifth betrothal but, to be fair, she’s only been married three times.

I say ‘only’ because I’d have expected it to be higher, but this latest engagement news is just ludicrous.

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It's not because I doubt that they have feelings for each other, perhaps they are truly madly deeply in love. But if this is the case, why get married?

It’s not like her other marriages are testament to the vows one usually associates with marriage. They can’t be, she’s said them three times.

Her latest beau, Kris Boyson, has put a giant ring on her finger and Katie made the announcement when she appeared on ITV’s Loose Women declaring that she now has ‘love in my life’.

But hasn’t she said that every time?

I really do try not to judge, and I mean that – we’re all so different and just because I’ve been with Matt nearly 20 years it doesn’t mean that would work for most people.

In fact, it wouldn’t in most cases, but it’s the violation of the sanctity of marriage that gets to me.

If you truly believed in your relationship, in the person you intend to share your life with, why not focus your efforts on that for a bit and not rush down the aisle?

I honestly don’t understand the motivation for doing so, other than a severe lack of security and self-confidence – why else would you feel the need to rush into a fifth engagement?

Perhaps I am old fashioned in believing it is important to take time to get to know your partner.

Matt waited 10 years before he proposed, and while I do think that making someone wait a decade isn’t right for everyone – he would not have got away with waiting 11 years, let me tell you – this haste feels a bit wrong.

Aunty joins forces with the larger-than-life Essex girl

I’ve always stuck up for Gemma Collins. The Towie star made her name by being a stereotypical Essex girl. Her larger than life character has served her well.

I met Gemma during a fitness bootcamp a few years ago and I remember thinking at the time she was a genuine sort of person – what you see is definitely what you get.

She told me she didn’t care what people thought of her because they’re not the ones with her bank balance. I thought it was a pretty level-headed, albeit self-indulgent, way of looking at it and I respected that.

But I was shocked to read Gemma has signed a deal to host her own podcast on BBC Sounds about her life. I guess they are looking to attract a whole new audience.

Lottery winner proves that money can’t buy happiness

Britain’s youngest lottery winner, Callie Rogers, says scooping nearly £1.9m was a ‘curse’ and the government and National Lottery should do more to protect young winners.

She was just 16 when she won all the money. It’s a difficult thing to empathise with, but does Callie have a point? She blew her entire fortune and now, at 32, is working as a carer on just £12,000 a year, living in a £500 a month rented home.

She said she’s never been happier and that winning all that money made her miserable and attracted the wrong type of friend.

Perhaps it should spark a wider conversation about educating the younger generation when it comes to finances?