Keira Knightley's wrong: Disney films won't harm our daughters '“ Lesley Keating

For a fairly passive actress in my opinion, Keira Knightley certainly seems to enjoy sticking her head above the parapet and spouting off these days.

Friday, 19th October 2018, 10:48 am
Updated Friday, 19th October 2018, 11:55 am
Immaculate: The Duchess of Cambridge just hours after giving birth to Prince Louis

The other week she was ranting about the Duchess of Cambridge appearing on the steps of the Lindo wing, glowing and glossy, with a perfect blow dry, days after giving birth.

'˜It's not real,' screeched Keira. '˜Birth is bloody and messy, this gives women false illusions and impossible standards to live up to!'

No-one's pretending birth's not '˜real' or gritty. But what the hell does she expect HRH to look like when she presents the latest royal to the world? A greasy-haired wreck covered in baby sick? 

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I'm not famous so I wasn't offered the chance of a quick blow dry before I bought Eloise home, yet I still managed to drag on some lip gloss.

I did it for me, not the media, so why the hell shouldn't Kate?

But, equally, if you can't, or don't want to, that's fine too. It's all about choices. Nobody has the right to criticise. Not even Saint Keira.

She was also on TV explaining how she has banned her four-year-old from watching '˜dangerous' Disney movies because of their disturbing messages.

'˜Don't wait for a Prince to make you rich, do it yourself!' she crowed triumphantly about Cinderella. And The Little Mermaid? '˜Don't ever give up your voice for a man!' I bet she's going to be popular with other mums at school.

I'm not the biggest Disney fan myself. I don't like cartoons. But my daughter loved them. Yet despite that, she's grown up an emotionally intelligent young woman who wasn't subliminally damaged by them.

 The worst fairy tales did for me was make me a bit fearful of meeting a talking wolf'¦ but this was fairly unlikely where I grew up!

Yes, the sentiments themselves are spot on. We should empower our daughters to make positive choices but do lighten up a bit Kiera.

 I doubt Disney will damage your daughter but making her feel different, by banning her from enjoying movies with her friends, might.


E-mails like this from dark web could freak out elderly

I've had a scary e-mail claiming it was from the dark web and that it had hacked my account and obtained my passwords.

The writer demanded money or my supposed browsing history would be sent to my contacts and recordings of me via my webcam doing all sorts of '˜wildly imaginative' things. 

As the wildest thing I do online is family history research, I wasn't unduly worried but it was still a nasty experience and one that could frighten an older or vulnerable person.

You can go online at Bot Crawl to check if an e-mail is a hoax and change your password to be safe. And never pay ransom money. Ever. There are some very twisted individuals out there.


Sling your hook Piers, only real men wear a papoose

According to Piers Morgan '˜real men don't wear papooses'. Let me elaborate.

He has taken umbrage over '˜hard' men like 007 Daniel Craig and Ross '˜Grant Mitchell' Kemp carrying infants in a front-facing sling. According to Morgan it's emasculating.  

When Eloise was tiny we were given one so I tried it. It was supposed to be simple but was more like trying to get strapped into a complex parachute. Eventually, I tried to walk up the road with her in it.  It was the most terrifying thing I've ever done. I was petrified she'd fall and felt physically sick for the five or so minutes I tried it.

Emasculating?  Any man wearing one needs nerves of steel.