LESLEY KEATING: No excuses '“ if you own a dog, then pick up after it

Dogs are wonderful friends and I spend a lot of time with mine.

Monday, 30th January 2017, 6:01 am
Too many people aren't using dog poo bins

But one of the things that comes with dog ownership is the need to carry plastic bags around to pick up after them.

Okay, it’s not nice. No-one actually enjoys scooping up dog poo and carting it about in search of a bin.

But it’s the law, it makes our environment cleaner, helps prevent diseases and stops people treading it into their homes.

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However, some selfish and lazy owners still think this law doesn’t apply to them.

Or, even more bafflingly, decide to pick it up only to dump it again somewhere nearby.

I can almost understand not picking it up at all, rather than picking it up and dropping the bag again further on!

In my experience, it’s not that hard to find a bin somewhere or to take it home to dispose of.

One of my friends carries loads of spare bags when walking her own dogs as her route is close to a primary school.

She often cleans up after other people’s dogs too as she cannot bear the idea of some little child walking in it.

But not everyone is as conscientious as her.

I have to be honest, I’d personally think twice about clearing up after other people’s dogs as well.

Allegedly there are fines for those who let their dogs foul the pavement, which can be enforced by council officials and dog wardens.

But never in all my years of dog ownership have I ever seen either when I’ve been walking my dogs.

So how are these laws actually enforced?

Other measures have included the daft threat of DNA testing – I’d just love to see how that works.

Then there’s the idea of councils spraying pink paint on dog poo to shame owners!

If councils are prepared to go to that sort of effort, couldn’t they just pick it up? Imagine some official loitering with a spray can, ready to pounce. It’s frankly laughable.

So, no excuses. You own a dog, you pick up after it. That’s the bottom line (no pun intended).


I’ve heard it all now. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) advises using liquid soap and warm water to wash hands before eating after using the toilet and recommends the public are taught to do this.

What on earth is this world coming to?

I learned how and when to wash my hands when I was tiny.

I think it’s very sad that families today are having to be reminded about such basic tasks.

It seems that kids of four can find their way around an iPad or xBox, but not soap and water.

Are we so wrapped up in ourselves that we can’t teach our children basics?

They say charity begins at home.

Well, so does health. #


I’m pleased to report there are still some genuine and trusting people around.

My husband Mike and I have just come back from the Dorset village where his grandfather was born in 1905.

We’d hoped to find the actual cottage and take a picture outside. But despite searching for no 5 everywhere, we’d sadly drawn a complete blank.

In desperation, Mike asked an old villager tending his garden and, incredibly, we discovered no 5 had been amalgamated into his own home!

This delightful 89-year-old man then invited two complete strangers into his home to look around.

Thanks to his kindness, Mike was able to not just see, but to also spend time inside the birthplace of the grandfather he’d never known.