Letter of the day

After the recent Supreme Court ruling in favour of Unison in the matter of an employee having to pay to access a tribunal, I felt I had to write to congratulate them.

For a few years in the 2000s I taught courses on discrimination, equality and diversity in the workplace.

In 2012/13, I was disgusted when the coalition decided that ordinary workers should pay between £350 and £1,300 to try to seek justice for perceived misdemeanours by employers in the workplace.

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Since many of these misdemeanours had led to the employee leaving their job, it made it almost impossible to seek justice through the law.

This shows why all people in employment should seek the protection of a union, especially in these times of austerity and cost-cutting.

While most employers have excellent HR policies and practices, the growth of the ‘gig economy’ and the ruthless exploitation of employees by cowboys from Silicon Valley by-passing basic employment rights and avoiding as much tax as possible, means that the unions are the last defence for the worker.

Well done Unison, I’m sure more people will enlist in the fight against unfair practices, discrimination and bullying in the workplace as a result of this decision.

Keep up the good work !

Keith Martin

Penny Street, Old Portsmouth