Liam slammed the door so hard that it wedged shut

We have the best neighbours. Last week my boyfriend got home from a long day in a bad mood, went upstairs to get changed and slammed our bedroom door.

Saturday, 6th February 2016, 6:01 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th February 2016, 5:49 am
Liam exits the bedroom via a window

When I went up a couple of minutes later, I couldn’t open it. He’d slammed it so hard it was wedged shut!

After 15 minutes of throwing myself against it and making no progress, I decided to call in a bloke.

I explained the situation to our neighbour, who kindly popped round with a mallet and set to trying to slowly ease the door out of the frame.

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Half-an-hour later and we’d only made 3mm progress, so decided to abandon trying to open the door and concentrate on getting Liam out of the window.

Alex went back next door to fetch his ladder and we managed to successfully evacuate Liam, who immediately walked upstairs and gave the door an almighty kick.

It instantly flew open, but split in half in the process! And our poor neighbour was left standing there with all his careful evacuation efforts destroyed and his evening ruined.

Jez: Talking of neighbours coming to the rescue, I remember the Sugden family helping us several times when we lived in Swindon.

On my daughter’s fourth birthday our oven thermostat decided to break and we had no way of cooking the party food.

How were the mini sausage rolls, prawns in batter and cheese and tomato pizzas going to get cooked?

Luckily our neighbours stepped in to save the day. To prevent my daughter’s party from being cancelled, they offered us use of their oven. Thankfully the party proceeded as normal.

They also saved the day when our boiler broke down. We were without heating and hot water for a couple of days and they offered us the use of their bathroom, so at least we could shower.

The final time they came to my assistance was when I injured myself putting together some metal shelving in my garage. I sliced through a finger, but luckily Theresa next door was a nurse and she was instantly on the scene to bandage and dress my wound.

Jez: From Tuxedo Junction to a country pub with a log fire

The best bit of news I heard this week was that men need to have regular nights out with the lads in order to stay healthy.

I absolutely love this and I will be reminding my wife of it next time she refuses to sign my permission slip for a night out with my fellow dad friends.

It’s funny to see how my nights out with the lads have changed over the years.

When I was in my 20s we would go to the pub, then Tuxedo Junction nightclub where we would dance until 2am. Then we would spend half-an-hour queuing for a greasy kebab.

Nowadays I enjoy visiting country pubs, where I can enjoy a pint of ale whilst sitting next to a roaring log fire, and the evening normally concludes with a visit to a local curry house.

Lou: I have no idea how some women wear heels every day

Forget Zumba classes and going to the gym – apparently stilettos are the best things for toning up your legs.

A lot of women might rejoice at this news, but personally I hate wearing heels.

Yes they do make your calves look amazing, but is it really worth the pain?

I have no idea how some women wear them every day – there are not enough blister plasters in the world to persuade me to wear them on a daily basis.

Jez reckons he’s found the solution to all his weight loss issues and is convinced if he wanders round in a pair of heels for a few hours a day, then he’ll never have to go on another run.

Thankfully I think I’ve dissuaded him, but what a sight that would be!