My cancer scare made me so grateful to NHS – again | Cheryl Gibbs

Ladies, you’ve heard it before many times I’m sure, but how often do you really check your breasts?I’m just going to get straight to it – we must check our boobs and fellas you must check your bits too.

Thursday, 25th June 2020, 4:38 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th June 2020, 4:39 pm
Cheryl was quite anxious about her hospital trip. Picture: PA Photo/thinkstockphotos.

This week I was referred to QA hospital because I found a lump in my right breast and after about two months, I decided to go to the doctor about it because I felt the lump was getting bigger.

I have the smallest breasts on the planet – they’re like fried eggs really or bee stings as my sister Michelle used to joke, so I noticed it straight away. But because I’ve been mixed-feeding Harley and therefore breastfeeding, I assumed it was to do with that so I didn’t go to see the doctor about it until I felt it was genuinely getting bigger and it started getting quite painful.

I was very fortunate that it wasn’t anything sinister and it was to do with breastfeeding – a build-up of milk that had solidified somewhat and they stuck a needle in my boob and drew out the milk.

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It blinking hurt, but I can’t tell you the relief I felt knowing it wasn’t cancer.

Since becoming a mum, my anxiety levels have gone through the roof about mine and Matt’s health. In the week leading up to my hospital appointment, I was really anxious about what they’d say, worried about the thought of leaving our baby girl and Matt to raise her on his own.

I’ve always been a pretty chilled person really and never suffered with anxieties but being a mum has definitely changed that. I’m so grateful that it wasn’t cancer and I’ll definitely be keeping a more watchful eye on myself.

It’s the first time I’ve been to QA since having Harley and since the Covid-19 pandemic. It was eerie walking through the near-on empty corridors wearing a facemask the whole time, but I was so impressed with how efficient it was and the procedures they had in place to protect everyone. Those face masks are so uncomfortable – I have no idea how the staff wear them all day – but everyone was in good spirits and I once again was so grateful to have such excellent NHS services on our doorstep.

Ladies and fellas, check yourselves over.

Pass me a margarita, I can still act like I’m on holiday

We were supposed to be in Fuerteventura right now. We had booked a big family holiday to celebrate Matts 40th birthday which was in April – there was about 25 of us going and we were all excited.

There was also a few other big celebrations too – it was all meant to be a big celebratory week in the sun, but like so many other people’s holiday it got cancelled because of the virus.

It’s been such a shame but we have our health and that’s more important than anything.

As my mum pointed out it’s hotter here than it is in Fuerteventura, so we can’t complain too much. Just pass me a margarita and I’ll be happy.

We went to Birdworld and realised we don’t like birds

We may not have gone to the canary islands this week on holiday, but that didn’t stop us from having our first family day out… to Birdworld.

Not quite the same as a family holiday abroad, but we liked it just the same.

It was a little strange though, as both Matt and I admitted that we’re not massively fond of birds – I don’t know why we didn’t have this chat beforehand.

It’s not that I don’t like them but I wouldn’t have particularly thought about spending a day staring at them. But we both thought it would be good for Harley as she could hear the sounds.

It was a lovely day though and our first proper day out as a three.