My family have shown their true colours over loo roll controversy – Verity Lush

Verity Lush discovered she is the only one capable of changing the loo roll
Verity Lush discovered she is the only one capable of changing the loo roll
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I set a trap for my husband and children last week. Having finally lost the plot regarding their supposed inability to change the loo roll, I decided to leave an empty tube on top of the cistern and see if any of the lazy toads thought to remove it to the recycling bin. 

Forty-eight hours later and I can confirm that they did not.

Or, they may have thought of it, but they did not act upon said thought.

Perhaps it floated across the peripheries of their busy minds, but I doubt their grey matter took much notice of it.

Of course, I’m sure those important and eternal questions did cross their minds, such as, ‘what’s for dinner tonight?’ and, ‘what’s for dinner tomorrow?’

Due to the immobile empty tube, I posted a photo of it with the results of my experiment on social media.

My husband promptly turned the tube on its side and declared it to be an art installation.

He claimed that it was more aesthetically pleasing, on reflection, in a horizontal position.

Why is it that I am the only member of the household with the fine motor skills required to take the empty tube off of the little stick it spins around, replace it with a full loo roll, and place the empty one in the recycling bin?

The answer of course is that I am not the only person capable of such a devastating feat of co-ordination but I am the only one who cares.

Subsequently, I have removed the little stick that the loo rolls spin around.

We have one of those upright cabinets that contain loo rolls so now the roll sits upon the shelf.

I thought that this might make life easier because if they don’t have to fiddle with the stick then surely they’d move the empty tube to make room for a new roll of Andrex?

Alas, they do not.

Now, they simply leave the empty toilet roll tube and balance a new loo roll on top of it.

On top of it!

I am a woman on the edge.

I fear that only fellow sufferers will understand my plight.

I simply cannot rest until things are sparkly and tidy

Being on hols this week combined with being a bit of a clean freak (did the loo roll obsession give that away?) I have very much enjoyed carrying out a full spring clean. 

One took place after the Christmas decs came down, and I do try to give the entire house a good clean twice a week, because I simply cannot rest unless things are sparkly and tidy.

The fruits of my labour last for a mere couple of hours, especially due to having two kids, two dogs and two cats, but I keep on battling. 

A good polish, and bleach and tidy has a similar therapeutic effect to that delicious clean sheet sensation; world feels right again. Until the kids et al come traipsing in.

The generation missing out on joy of the great outdoors

My husband and I popped into a lovely independent bike shop this week and were chatting with the son of the gentleman who owns it. 

 They have a variety of old models that are not for sale but are fascinating to look at and hear about. However, it was also rather sad.

The age of screen time has hit areas that one doesn’t always think of, for example, the tradition of getting your kids a new bike for Christmas or birthday. 

Apparently, sales have fallen and parents are instead splashing their hard-earned cash on a new device as opposed to bicycles and the great outdoors.

What a very sad indication, if ever there was one, of the times in which we live.