My first foreign holiday without my family

As I walk the lengthy corridor at Gatwick Airport I'm excited about the holiday that's ahead of me.

Monday, 4th April 2016, 5:04 pm
Updated Monday, 4th April 2016, 5:06 pm

Gate number 562 is where all the action is about to take place.

I’m overwhelmed with excitement and adrenaline because of the beautiful scenery I will soon see.

I’m jetting off to Switzerland for five days with every intention of escaping the busyness of Portsmouth.

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The hard work in recent months has paid off and it’s now time to appreciate some time doing not much at all.

There will be lots of walking and sightseeing I’m sure. But the fact I have no set role or responsibility relating to work is wonderful.

I’m heading to Geneva and will fly back from Zurich. Two nights in Geneva, a night in Bern, then a final two sleeps in Zurich. It’s my first holiday abroad without being with family.

For many years going abroad has always been with the family, but now it’s time to have some fun with mates.

The sense of adventure and ample opportunity to explore is filling me with enthusiasm.

But before I embarked on this holiday I felt it would be important to remind ourselves how we should ensure we plan breaks.

Time out is vital and recharges our motivation for life back at home.

On numerous occasions I have left the city to experience a holiday in England.

However, there is something about going abroad which relieves you from the pressure you feel at home.

The various languages, the difference in culture, and the opportunity to connect with new people are great reasons to enjoy a holiday.

I’m a lover of different cultures so look forward to what Switzerland has in store.

Going on vacation is vital for our minds. Being overworked is never a great thing; we burn out otherwise.

But I know that on my return to the city I will be mentally refreshed.

I may find myself exhausted from all of the walking around but it’s an exhaustion which is fresh.

Sometimes the everyday mundane routine of life can get to you so it is essential to break it up.

Until I return I will continue to enjoy time to myself.

And as soon as I’m back all I shall think about... is my next trip.