My gunky eye didn’t help me make a good impression | Cheryl Gibbs

Matt and I went out for dinner this week with a few of our mummy friends and their partners for the first time, which was just lovely.

By Cheryl Gibbs
Thursday, 6th May 2021, 11:38 am
Cheryl Gibbs' eye got progressively worse throughout the evening.
Cheryl Gibbs' eye got progressively worse throughout the evening.

We went to the Queens Head in Sheet, near Petersfield, and before we went out I remember thinking there was something in my left eye.

It got really sore really quickly and a bit gunky (sorry, rather disgusting I know) but anyway despite the slightly blurred vision, we still went out. It didn’t look that bad, just a bit red.

During the course of the evening, which was the first time as couples we’ve all been out together since our babies were born last year, I could feel my eye slowly getting worse.

It became really irritable and my vision got worse.

One of the fellow mum’s discreetly offered me her mirror as she was sitting opposite me and could clearly see my eye deteriorating.

However we were having such a nice evening and I didn’t want to go home.

But by the time our main meals had arrived (which were amazing), my eye was streaming. Out of politeness, I could see their look of concern as they attempted to eat their meals while not looking at my gunky eye.

It wasn’t until I went to the toilet did I notice just how bad my eye was.

It was about a third of the size of what it should be, was red raw, oozing stuff it shouldn’t be and black mascara had run down my cheek.

When I returned to the table, everyone looked rather concerned but probably also relieved that because of Covid, none of us hugged or shook hands.

Matt broke the awkward silence by declaring: ‘Come on one-eyed winky, let’s get you home to an eye patch.’

It broke the awkward silence and everyone laughed, relieved that someone had mentioned the elephant in the room (or garden as the case may be – we’re so 2021).

By the time I woke up the next morning my eye had completely closed and wouldn’t open.

I had to spend the next day back and forth to the doctors and pharmacy…perhaps I’m just not meant to socialise.

Princess Charlotte and our Harley are alike in some ways

It’s amazing how quickly babies grow up – Harley’s 15 months now, but going on three years old.

She has so much confidence and she amazes me everyday.

This week I asked her if she wanted to put her shoes on to go to the park and she waltzed straight into her bedroom and pointed to her wardrobe where her shoes are. She also has got into the habit of telling us when she’s ready for bed.

It seems Harley’s not the only one growing up so quickly – Princess Charlotte who is now six years old apparently tells everyone that she’s sixteen and according to dad, Prince William. Perhaps it’s this new generation – but I’m worried that I’ll blink (with my good eye) and miss it all.

I could not force myself to eat 7,000 calories each day

While many of us are usually trying to lose weight or even maintain weight, actor Mark Wahlberg is attempting to put on a staggering 30 pounds in just six weeks for his latest movie role.

The 49-year-old star is eating eight meals a day, equalling around 7,000 calories, in order to achieve such an extreme transformation.

According to his private chef, he’s on a meat-heavy diet which requires him to eat every three hours. He’s usually in tip-top shape so you can imagine how difficult it must be.

Having said that, he’s a multi-millionaire and gets paid an absolute fortune for his craft so I don’t have too bad for him.