My new channel reviewing films is a dream come true

Gemma CollinsGemma Collins
Gemma Collins
Everybody who knows me knows how much I love movies. Watching films is like a hobby for me and although it doesn't exactly require much more than being sat down and staring at a screen for hours, I love it.

Matt and I often spend ages dissecting a film, discussing what we liked about it and what we didn’t.

So I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve just started a new YouTube pilot series with BBC Radio One’s movie critic Rhianna Dhillon.

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It’s a channel dedicated to reviewing films. This to me is like a dream come true because I absolutely adore film and Rhianna is fab, so we’re hoping that people will like it too.

There aren’t enough female presenting duos out there and we get on brilliantly, so we’re hoping you guys will like it.

Our tastes in film are somewhat different and, as well as reviewing a new film each week, we’re also going to be challenging each other to watch a film of our choice.

So next week when it launches I’ve challenged Rhianna to watch John Carpenter’s 1983 horror classic Christine.

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Have you seen it? It’s about a killer car and I love it. It has all the 1980s nostalgia you can imagine and, unlike some of the more recent slasher horror films, this movie has the ‘look who’s behind you’ and ‘jump-in-your-seat’ fear factor that made old classic horror movies so good.

I met Rhianna last summer when I was producing a movies show I made for Channel Five and we got on brilliantly and stayed in touch.

Her partner is a producer on the BBC Film 2016 show with Claudia Winkleman and he’s producing the new channel and editing it, so it will be lovely for me to just turn up and present!

Eventually we’ll review movies that are just about to come out, but to start with we’re reviewing movies that have just come out for people to watch at home.

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We think this makes it more accessible to everyone, so the first film we’re reviewing is Legends with Tom Hardy.

It’s about gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray and is, in my opinion, an outstanding film.

You can find the link to this new channel on my Cheryl Chats YouTube channel.