Next stop for the bird just happened to be '˜Peckham'

Feathers were ruffled at Waterloo Station the other day when a parrot was spotted riding the escalators!

Saturday, 2nd April 2016, 6:02 am
Should Jez wear hoodies?

No-one’s quite sure how he managed to get into the Tube station – whether he’d simply flown in or if he’d actually managed to navigate the Bakerloo line and was simply arriving at his destination.

Either way, he appeared to be unaccompanied and completely unflustered by the situation.

Although apparently his presence did cause congestion as passers-by stopped to take selfies.

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My sister once had a similar experience involving a bird and a train.

A tiny little blue tit flew in through the window of the train she was travelling on and perched on the shoulder of an unsuspecting and rather disgruntled businessman.

My sister managed to grab the bird and hold on to him until they arrived at the next station, where she let him out.

The best bit is that, by total coincidence, the next stop just so happened to be Peckham!

Jez: When it comes to animals appearing in strange places, a friend of mine told me a terrifying story about a rat that had decided to take up residence in his van’s glovebox.

One lunchtime he opened up the glovebox, which was normally full of various treats like crisps and biscuits.

But on this occasion he came across a large rat that had chewed its way through from the engine compartment and eaten all the grub!

I’ve also had a similar rodent experience myself. I remember one weekend during a spring heatwave, I decided to fire up the barbecue that I had left out all winter.

I was shocked to discover when I opened up the lid that a field mouse had moved in and made a little nest.

Luckily for the mouse, I was in a good mood and decided to release him before ignition. But I worry he’s now moved into my house.

My wife often wakes me up in the middle of the night complaining she can hear little footprints scampering about in our attic.

Perhaps I should swap my dog for a cat.


A list of clothing that middle-aged men should never wear has been published.

Worryingly, I enjoy wearing most of the items that should be avoided.

First on the list are hoodies. I have several and they come in very handy for dog walks when the weather is not hot enough for just a t-shirt – and of course the hood offers protection against any surprise showers.

Next up were tracksuit bottoms. Within minutes of returning home from work, I change into mine as it helps me relax after a busy day at the office.

The final dodgy item is a leather jacket. I have a black Italian one which I enjoy wearing if I’m going out on a Saturday evening.

I think it makes me feel smart but cool. Maybe not...


The other day I spotted a vintage Fisher Price garage in a charity shop for £9.99 and I really wanted to buy it!

It’s that classic one with the ramp and the elevator and four rainbow parking spaces on the roof which everyone had as a child.

I think they date back to the 1970s – mine was certainly secondhand when I got it in the ’90s.

I showed the photo to my boyfriend and his response was exactly the same – let’s buy it.

The problem is we don’t have kids, so I can’t very well go around buying vintage toys, can I?

Well that’s what I thought initially, but as soon as I looked for them on eBay and spotted the current going rate is between £50 and £80, I thought again...