Off The Fence with Stephen Morgan MP: Unlocking Portsmouth's potential with the Big Conversation

Stephen Morgan MP has launched his Big ConversationStephen Morgan MP has launched his Big Conversation
Stephen Morgan MP has launched his Big Conversation
This summer I have been out and about across our community listening to what people have to say with the launch of my Big Conversation.

I set out to hear views on our local issues, to shape the priorities I will work on for the next year in Parliament, and ensure I continue doing all I can to make our city a better place for everyone.

As Portsmouth’s voice in Parliament, it is important for me hear directly from constituents on the issues that matter to them.

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My Big Conversation has been the opportunity to do just that, through a series of pop-up events I have been hosting across the constituency.

The first Big Conversation focused on protecting our precious environment, where a range of environmental concerns, from air pollution to sewage and plastic waste, were raised with me.

It is clear Portsmouth’s natural beauty is something we all hold dear and must work together to protect for generations to come.

Along the way a number of local groups and charities have joined me to also hear from residents including at the event in Bransbury Park on making our city’s streets safer, where we heard local safety concerns resulting from rising anti-social behaviour, shoplifting incidents and cases of violent crime.

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I know communities in Portsmouth have become less safe under the Government’s watch, which is why I will continue doing all that I can to lobby for more bobbies on the beat and for neighbourhood police teams to receive the funding and resourcing they need.

Access to GPs and dentists, life threatening waiting lists, and inadequate mental health support were the priorities raised in Palmerston Road at the event on caring for our local NHS.

13 years of this Government have left our NHS on its knees, and despite the hard work of local NHS staff, Portsmouth people are not getting the services they need or deserve.

Out and about, I am always reminded of how much of Portsmouth’s potential is waiting to be unlocked, and how many people are being held back by this Government’s lack of action and lack of vision.

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My next two pop-up events will focus on securing the investment our community deserves and ensuring every child has the ability to thrive.

I encourage Portsmouth people to come along and share their views with me on how we can work together to put the heart back into our city once again, and give children the best start in life.

If you want to know more, or can’t attend the events, please complete the short online survey at

My thanks to all those who have popped in to one of the Big Conversation events or had their say.

As an active local campaigner and strong national voice, I will continue to take action every day to make Portsmouth a better place for everyone.